The couple Thien Ha – Gamota showed off the story of “Virtual Game – Real Love” that made the whole village gato

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When playing games, passionate and pursuing games, many gamers are distracted by complaints from “lovers” because sometimes they love games more. Therefore, there are many funny stories surrounding the difficult question: “That person and the game, who do you choose?”.

However, not always “that person” and the game are always two factions “not waiting for the same heaven”. Because as you know, the gaming community is not only full of boys, but also has many female gamers, even the most female gamers include beautiful girls, passionate about the game, participating in playing every day. more. The fire near the straw is also sharp for a long time, many couples have become charming from the time of virtual “dating” in the game world. In particular, some games also have a pairing or marriage feature that makes the real fantasy game story more and more likely to flourish in the gaming community.

The love story of a couple of gamers Thien Ha – Gamota recently is a typical example of such a “green fantasy game”. Although officially launched not long ago, it seems that Thien Ha – Gamota is also gradually promoting its matchmaking role.​

Sharing from the male gamer who is also the male lead in the above-mentioned admirable fantasy game story received a lot of attention and interaction from the gaming community, especially fans of the game. Under Heaven Gamota. The couple Nhat Tieu and Khuynh Vu come from server 1.​

The couple is entwined both in the game and in real life

Although it is not known whether the two will come together to a happy ending, but indeed, finding the right soul in the sea of ​​people is difficult, finding a half in the game is even more rare and precious. Hopefully our gamer couples will also write their own beautiful love stories together!

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