10 Horror Stories You Won’t Believe Are Marvel’s (P2)

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Hannibal King

We know that anyone named Hannibal is not someone with a light body. Hannibal King – one of the partners of the vampire hunter Blade, is a prime example of them. Once played by Ryan Reynolds, but the character Hannibal King does not carry a clean history like in the movies. In fact, although parallel to Blade, Hannibal is a true vampire.

Starting as a private detective, Hannibal King was bitten by Deacon Frost, a bloodsucker who once took the life of Blade’s mother. Waking up disgusted by the creature he transformed into, Hannibal swore never to take human life to satisfy his inner bloodlust again. Instead he lives off a blood bank and works in the dark.



Unlike stories about vampires and werewolves, Sleepwalker becomes an ingrained fear in people’s minds when they fall into a dream. The story begins with beings that exist in a dimension called Mindscape, which is beyond understanding the ordinary living entities of the universe. Those creatures are always searching for the human mind while sleeping, invading their brain forever.. But fortunately, there is a character named Sleepwalker in charge of protecting the human mind from the creatures. the other, keeping the nightmares in Minescape from entering the real world.

However, after being tricked by a monster named Cobweb, Sleepwalker was imprisoned in the body of a student named Rick Sheridan. Only when Rick sleeps Sleepwalker can manifest and interact with the human world, continuing his mission to protect the world from the dark.



The person who later became known as Deathlok was in fact a half-human, half-machine assassin smeared with countless lives. Beginning his life as Colonel Luther Manning, Deathlok was a devoted husband and an ardent patriotic soldier. Luther’s life changed forever when he was wounded in battle and lost consciousness. Waking up before Luther’s eyes was not reality but instead a future world ravaged by nuclear war. From that moment Luther discovered that he had become a hideous assassin named Deathlok, commanded by a computer attached to his brain and had killed countless people.

Deathlok eventually breaks the computer’s control and escapes, only to discover that his body will die if separated from the hideous piece of machinery. With the robot part not allowing Deathlok to commit suicide, he begins his journey to find the people who made him this way.



With a strange name, Man-Thing’s body is even more disgusting than human imagination. Originally a young scientist named Ted Sallis with a bright future in biochemistry, Man-Thing tries to recreate the serum that turned Steve Rogers into a super soldier. But while doing research, Ted is chased by a terrorist organization to the Florida swamp area.

In a panic, Ted injected himself with the serum before plunging his car into the swamp. The young scientist does not know where he has just plunged is the center and connection point of all dimensions, the reason to turn Ted into the most deformed creature in the world. Marvel. With a body made of mud and roots, bloodshot eyes and a complete loss of mind, the creature was called the Man-Thing.


But what makes Man-Thing a real nightmare is its response to human emotions. With the transformation, Ted’s brain was fragmented and distorted throughout Man-Thing’s body. Because of that, this swamp monster can sense individuals with intense emotions within a certain radius. If it discovers the source of that emotion, it will be drawn to it and secrete a powerful acid ready to liquefy the body of all living things.

Marvel Zombies

Regardless of vampires, werewolves, swamp monsters or creatures that gnaw the human mind, Zombies in the new Marvel world have true horror colors. It all started with Earth-2149, where the superhero Wasp for some reason was infected with a strange virus, turning her into a dehumanized creature with frenzied hunger. Wasp then soon infected her husband, Giant Man, causing him to continue to transmit the disease to the giant Hulk. Like a falling domino board, the strange virus is spread throughout the ranks of superheroes and great villains, including the mighty Avengers organization. Those who once devoted themselves to protecting the Earth have become monsters that devour innocent civilians, even bringing their hunger to “devour” the universe for 40 years.

This story delves deep into fear in the hearts of the community, where a question forever haunts our minds.. Is if the Zombies have super powers and can reach anywhere they want to go. , who else can be safe here?

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