The Enemy Within: Discover a New Side of Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn’s Relationship

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The Enemy Within tell us another story of the universe Batman. In the previous episode, we met a Harley Quinn completely different. Smarter, stronger, and more wicked than ever. Harley has an assistant, whom she describes as a toy, someone she uses to get what she wants – John Doe (this is also the name commonly given by Western legal authorities to male victims who need to remain anonymous or cannot be identified). John Doe is a clown, and, of course, the future Prince of Sin. However, at the present time, although it is a bit frivolous, but John Doe is certainly not the mad criminal, Batman’s sworn enemy throughout his life defending justice.​


In contrast, at the present time of this universe, John Doe and Bruce Wayne have a pretty close relationship, maybe even a close friend. John Doe is an emotional, taken advantage of, and in need of help. Bruce Wayne wants to be John Doe’s helper. The two even sat together in a cafe for a while, and talked honestly. However, perhaps Bruce himself could not have imagined that it was his kindness, and his later unintentional actions, that would make John Doe transform into a young man. Joker – Batman’s most dangerous enemy.


In Episode 4 of The Enemy Within, Harley betrayed John Doe. In fact, it probably can’t be considered a betrayal, because Harley herself has always considered John Doe as a tool to take advantage of. Bruce Wayne, who should have been more concerned with the feelings of someone as emotional as John Doe, was too focused on finding Harley to do justice. At that moment, the evil in John Doe began to rise. He tried to fight it, and apparently succeeded. But deep inside John Doe, the seed of evil has been planted, and soon will sprout, to produce a whole new nightmare.


In fact, as Bruce, players will have many lines to choose from when interacting with John Doe. However, fate seemed to have been predestined, so no matter how they chose, no matter how they tried to be kind, the end result was the same. John Doe is always the one who gets hurt in every scene of the game, and those injuries are in no small part coming from Bruce Wayne, who always plays the “good guy”. That’s right, once again, Bruce – Batman, is the one to help create a future Joker. This time, not by accident, but by his own thirst for justice.


Telltale told us a whole new story about the Dark Knight, the Clown Prince of Crime and Harley Quinn. According to many reviewers, this may be the most interesting exploit about the birth of the Joker this year and many years before. Episode 4 of The Enemy Within has ended, the Joker has been born, and let’s wait and see what awaits Batman and Gotham City in the coming future (Episode 5).

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