Grand Summoners – Japan’s super-terrible RPG bombed the world game village

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Grand Summoners is the game title RPG published by Good Smile Company, developed by Japanese developer NextNinja under the direction of Hisatoshi Hayakashi. Mr. Hayakashi is also the director of Brave Frontier and was once a key member of the development team Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Not surprisingly, his latest product – Grand Summoners also in style JRPG familiar with Final Fantasy.


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In addition to shaping Japanese style, Grand Summoners also owns a collection of game music made by Noriyasu Agematsu – another member of the production team Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Meanwhile, the publisher Good Smile Company, which is very famous in the otaku world with its product figure (anime-manga character figurines) and nendoroids (miniature version of a hand-sized, chibi-shaped figure). Grand Summoners released in the Japanese domestic market late last year and surpassed many milestones in terms of downloads.


A Nendoroid product.

Although it has released many games for the Japanese market but Grand Summoners This will be the first time this unit approaches the world market. Although there is currently no exact release date, gamers with an iStore account in the US can register early.

Register early here:

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