Chain Strike – “Pain” with a hybrid strategy RPG game

Chain Strike is the latest project from the game company Com2uS (Korea), juniors of the titles RPG game other famous like Wonder Tatics nice Soul Seeker. Chain Strike Introduced as a mix of RPG and strategy, the game is entering pre-registration worldwide right now, with rewards of various in-game items and money.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Chain Strike intro trailer

Chain Strike possesses high-quality 3D graphics like many other Com2uS games, chibi-style character designs and effects. The role-playing features underpin the tactical combat system on a 5×7 checkerboard map. The game follows the rules of turn-based fighting, victory or defeat depends on team building skills, training and tactical placement.



In the released version, Chain Strike is expected to have more than 200 characters, 2 game modes including story (set in the continent of Signus) and PvP. Each character has its own skills and can combine attacks into combos.

Gamers can register early here.​

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