SaGa Scarlet Grace – Square Enix’s one-time masterpiece promises Mobile

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Saga is the title RPG game sci-fi first released in 1989 under the publishing hand of Square (now Square Enix). After nearly 30 years of existence, it is hard to believe that this brand is still invested to continue to develop, even to adapt to new experience platforms such as mobile phones. Official source confirmed the game Saga Scarlet Grace Will launch both iOS and Android versions in 2018.


Saga Scarlet Grace The mobile version is expected to be faithful to the 2016 PS Vita version, including nostalgic content, gameplay and visuals, bringing gamers back to the fantasy world of the 80s. covers the development for many SaGa versions before it, revolving around the distinct storylines of the four main characters.


SaGa Scarlet Grace Game Trailer for Nintendo Direct

Saga Scarlet Grace which launched in 2016 for the PlayStation Vita as the latest official release for consoles, since 2002. Square Enix then released the game via Steam, bringing it to the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Direct. The company recently confirmed that it will continue to expand Saga Scarlet Grace on any platform, including iOS and Android.


There is still not much specific information for the mobile version of Saga Scarlet Grace, however, fans can expect a lot from the possibility that Quare Enix will release an English version. This Japanese publisher often adds English content in addition to the original Japanese for games that have been put on international publishing systems like Steam.​

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