Tac Milk Tea – Milk Tea sale day, Streamer night, raising wife and children but keeping the passion fire

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Talk about Streamer We are talking about people who are always standing in the limelight, names that everyone cares about and easily make money from simply playing games. However that is only the surface. Because many people out there, they still have to carry many other burdens while still trying their best to keep the fire of passion and keep the fire for their marriage profession.

Hi Tac Milk Tea, can you introduce yourself?

My full name is Pham Khanh Chau, born in 1998, Origin in Quang Binh and currently living in Dak Nong. Currently, I am selling a small Cafe with my wife and my passion is mainly Livestream Arena of valor and titles MOBA other on the Tac Milk Tea Fanpage.


Can you share the meaning behind the name Tac Tra Milk?

The name Tac Tra Sua is also due to the fate that once I had a Live in GameTV’s Page Fan and I played the nickname Sweet Candy Tree, so people kept calling me Baby Chanh but I said no, and then people called me. The name Be Tac, I think it’s also good, so the name is Tac Tra Milk. My old name is Khanh Chau Nobita LQM sounds too long, doesn’t it (laughs)?

It is known that you are quite young to be married, so does taking care of your family and Livestream have a lot of influence on your work?

I divide working and Live time. In the morning, I wake up at 9 am to sell the cafe with my wife, then wash the glasses to clean the shop, have lunch, then go to Live at 11:30 am, go to 16 pm to go take a shower and play with my children, then I have dinner again at 19:30 and go live with my brother until 10 pm , My time frame is also quite thick but I feel happy doing this job, so I feel familiar.


Your journey to becoming a Streamer must be very difficult when you have to take care of your family business and fulfill your passion. So can you tell us about your path to becoming a Streamer?

I started doing Youtube in 2016 the first Youtube channel is Khanh Chau Nobita LQM with my brother’s 2 million computer bought, after about 1 year, I got 20,000 Sub with the support and working with 1 Some friends like Phong Zhou, Truong Star… and some time later, they got into an accident on the 28th day of the new year 2018 while driving back in the middle of the night to visit his wife and children. At that time, I broke my upper jaw, broke my cheekbone, and had to take a break for 1-2 months but then I continued to work as a Youtuber about Arena of Valor.

With Content like Solo with Phong zhou or playing games with Vanh Leg, I also achieved 500,000 views. It was my biggest number of Views at that time and there is a fact that no one would have guessed that during the time from the beginning to the end of doing Youtube, I still didn’t get a month’s salary from advertising. When the channel reached about 50,000 Subs, I suddenly lost my channel by Hack and thought it all stopped there, but fortunately I still got it back. But still constantly getting Check Mail and feeling not very safe and having to work away from home, I don’t have much time to make Clips, that time also reduced interaction quite a lot, I decided to sell Youtube channel and want to use the number that money to buy a PC to work and Live Stream on Facebook. And started to drag the network to the workplace and Live at Facebook from June 27, 2018 to work away from home for a period of about 4 months, then I returned home and around the beginning of 2019, I got married.


My career as Facebook was at a time when the view was high, the interaction was stable, my wife was about to give birth and lived with my wife abroad for about 4 months, during that time, I couldn’t Live, I had to spend 1 time and then continue to interact. decreased. And when my son was more than 3 months old, he returned to my grandfather’s house, while I continued to make latex under my grandmother’s house. And in one visit to visit my wife and child, little Com, the misfortune continued until I had a second accident. This time, I broke my leg due to hitting Tali on the street.

Broken copper tube about 20cm leg. The doctor diagnosed me as being unable to walk normally as before and unable to do heavy work for several years. Because the fracture was too heavy and then I had to return home for a long time to practice walking with crutches.

So I still continue to Live on Facebook because I know I will probably stick with this job for a long time and it will be able to be a stable job of mine later. At that time, Live only needed to sit for about 1 to 2 hours, and his leg was aching with very uncomfortable pain, just trying gradually and maintaining it, until after 6 months, I could remove the iron frame in my leg and learn to walk gradually. Now it’s quite stable but still can’t do anything but Livestream and sell Cafe to support the family.

Since 2 years since I set up Fanpage and started Live, I have been in OTA Plus. For me, this is a completely new door opened for me. Although I do not have a hard salary, it is a great motivation for me for others, it may be very normal, but for me, it is a huge motivation. Gradually, I also consider Livestream as my main job, trying to be more punctual to progress further.

What experiences does switching to Livestream on Facebook Gaming platform and joining OTA Plus bring to you?

I get to know more friends, get loved by more people, play games with everyone to share sadness and joy on Livestream. Especially, I always have hardcore fans watching and cheering for me, sometimes when you feel you are difficult or sad, you donate or text to comfort and motivate. Many brothers even asked, “Will you ever give up on us?” “Don’t be discouraged, keep trying to have us always support you”…

What message would you like to send to young people who want to continue the streamer path?

I want to send a message to you that “As long as you have passion and enthusiasm, one day you will succeed. And success is always exchanged with your ability and hard efforts” The ability here I want to say is the way you convey to the audience to make people feel excited when you Livestream, because to them you are like a spiritual meal every day. There is only effort to succeed.”

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