Soulfire – PUBG in the guillotine style from the country of billions of people

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Recently, a newly launched game developed in the country of billions of people, inspired by the famous Japanese anime series The War of Life and Death, has officially launched on Steam with the name Soulfire. The official release date is expected to be in May this year.


Molded and published under the game company AYDREAM, Soulfire belongs to the genre of horizontal tactical fighting games and it seems that in China the survival game genre is very popular, as evidenced by the genre rekindling. Variations into different game lines, Soulfire is no exception when it comes to 100 people to fight and of course you have to fight hard to be the ultimate winner.


The story of the game is set in the mysterious medieval world, in addition to weapons such as swords, knives, spears … the game also supports flintlocks and the use of magic. Players will be taken to different locations, like maybe in a room or basement. Initially, players will not receive any equipment, which forces you to go looking for weapons and shields to equip yourself just like survival games.


To know how good or bad it is, you probably have to wait a while longer to experience it firsthand. Since there is information about the game at the Forum of China has received great attention and a lot of different praise and criticism. However, most people still appreciate this game and together wait for the official release date.​

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