CFL – Together with Tony Nguyen destroy Lau Lan Co Mo Island

Lau Lan Ancient Tomb is rated a little more difficult than Thunder Tower, requires more reasonable tactics, closer teamwork. It is best for gunners to team up with 3 to 4 people to easily pass the screen and save a lot of time. It is better if the team has a member with a good gun, the teammate can also use good goods. Next is weapon selection.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Like other challenging game screens, MG or SMG guns will be suitable for Lau Lan Co Mu because the characteristics of these weapons are enhanced damage for challenge, stability, abundant ammunition to save time. reloading time. If possible, you should equip yourself with VIP guns, especially those with spread damage. In fact, at the present time, it is not difficult for players to find themselves a delicious VIP gun for the challenge. You only need about 6760 gems to buy RPK-Inferno


Dragon or Thompson-Inferno Dragon or MSG 90-Beast are all famous monster killers.
Especially the guns mentioned above can be upgraded to a higher version thanks to the awakening stones. Suggestion for you is to bring Thompson-Ice Dragon because there is a mode to fire ice grenades that deal damage to a large area and interfere with the movement of monsters. Or MSG 90-God with great power, extremely fast blood draw, taking damage to compensate for the firing speed.


The main weapon is important from the table, but if you choose a good secondary weapon, it will also help a lot. Some notable names such as Blunderbuss-Dragon, also known as the wild cow-head shooting explosive cluster bullets, DE-Thunder infinite bullets or bows with exploding arrows.
Weapon selection done, let’s start the journey!

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Boss 1: Shadow Pharaoh

We’ll skip to the outer battle part because it’s really not that difficult. Gunners just need to coordinate well with teammates, divide combat positions and focus on protecting the elevator lever for the required time. When entering, the gunner will enter a hall with the appearance of groups of soldiers walking in a predetermined direction.


Now you just need to shoot down a vertical line to weave through them and rotate to shoot in the opposite direction. Avoid letting minions touch you or letting 2 rows of minions crush you to death. Passing these soldiers, you will enter to meet Boss Shadow Pharaoh.


Shadow Pharaoh’s skills and how to manage:

  • In battle, Boss will use the ability to launch energy discs flying towards the target 2 times, this move will have a flashing message before being executed.
  • The second skill, Shadow Pharaoh will create a lot of spikes in a straight line, about 2 times, this move is very fast and without warning, the gunner should pay attention.
  • Boss summons many tornadoes around the field, when hit by this attack, the gunner will be swept up into the air and cannot attack. Before it fires, move into the center area and approach the Boss to fire without hesitation.
  • After casting tornado. Shadow-Pharaoh will jump to the throne position and begin to release waves of dark purple skull-shaped energy, this skill has the ability to destroy the player’s team. To dodge, hurry to the entrance area is safe, remember to switch to melee weapons to go faster.
  • Left, if still dancing, Shadow Pharaoh can use the next move to jump high and launch a series of dark energy rays from the staff to damage the player. Usually the Boss will die before having a chance to play this move.

Boss 2: Fury Warrior

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When moving to the next scene, you need to note that the system will give you 2 power buff positions. The first position is before crossing the stone bridge, go to the opposite side and push the gate to get in to get buff 1. Then go through the stone bridge, open the gate, go through the left side will have 1 more buff.



With the pre-Boss Fury Warrior stage, you have to go through a ramp full of monsters and a sandstorm that slows down. Let’s move combined jump will be faster. Then go into the inner lobby and defeat the 4 stone statues to meet the Fury Warrior.


Fury Warrior skills and how to manage:

  • Fury Warrior rushes to turn around and slash a pretty nice line that can 1 hit 1 life, this skill is repeated 2 times.
  • After the chaotic slashing, the Boss will continue to focus his energy, dashing towards the target with a long fire and then slashing out a powerful sword aura. It will play this move for 3 times
  • Using a boring sword, Fury Warrior uses Fury Bow to fire a series of 6 arrows towards the target for about 2 times. This move is not too difficult to dodge.
  • Boss inserts Fury Sword into the ground creating 4 lines of fire radiating in 4 directions.
  • The next move that the Boss performs will be to shoot a series of arrows towards the sky, these arrows when falling to the ground will create fire explosions. At the same time, baby monsters now begin to be released into the field. The ability to shoot arrows is also capable of killing the whole team. The way to dodge is to move into the middle of the field similar to Shadow Pharaoh’s tornado move.
  • At this point, we can vote for Fury Warrior as the boss with the most skills. “The guy” will continue to show that this stage is his with a series of jumping and slashing actions like chopping firewood about 3 times. This skill has a warning signal.
  • And the ultimate, similar to Shadow-Pharaoh, Fury Warrior returns to his original position, using his organs to control the giant statue to attack the player for 3 times with a huge attack range.

Finally, in addition to knowing the skills, the attack mechanism of the Boss, choosing the right weapon, the gunner should also plan a number of coins to revive the game so that the game is not interrupted and more secure!

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