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Gunner Z – When Beach Head combines Zombies in the Unreal graphics masterpiece

Topic zombies – zombies – zombies are no longer strange in the virtual world, even too familiar with the Mobile gaming community when they dock on two platforms. Android and iOS through each month. It is because of the massive appearance that the quality of these themed games gradually saturates over time, becoming faded in the eyes of gamers..


However, in the middle of the game that is entering the rut, there are still more or less prominent names, carrying a creative gameplay formula and caring graphics. Gunner Z is a typical representative of that style, a game that combines the zombie theme and the previous Beach Head action style..


Gunner Z puts you in the role of a soldier belonging to an unknown defense force, in the midst of the world’s darkest days. There, each deserted road with car wrecks, each abandoned house in the dark.. are hidden things that are hungry for blood.

They are the result of biochemical weapons at the hands of a hidden terrorist organization, who are trying to take all power into their hands. Unable to use infantry forces to directly confront the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, the army only holds a single weapon capable of responding and reclaiming the streets from the zombie hordes. You will be the one to shoulder the task of commanding this weapon..

Gunner Z Trailer.

Gunner Z’s style of play has a look that reminds us of the legendary Beach Head back in the day, where gamers will maintain a fixed position throughout the length of the action. The only job left for the player is to use their quick reflexes, navigate the heart to exactly the undead legion that opens fire.. Gunner Z has a special feature in that, the game gives you a look. The entire screen is through a night vision lens, capable of identifying targets in the dark, contributing to the murky, cold scene with only two colors black and white..


But if only relying on reflexes alone, gamers can hardly go the full length of Gunner Z, because technological power and weapon fire also play a vital role in the fierce road ahead. There, you will have the right to upgrade the Jeep with a full set of weapons with different items.. from ammo capacity, fire power, rate of fire to camera vision with object detection. instant. Of course, the state-of-the-art Jeeps themselves also have the right to enhance their “toughness” with extremely effective front and rear armor layers..


Gunner Z also put on a shirt of 3D graphics rarely seen in the Mobile game village. With the power of support from the advanced Unreal Engine, the game brings a cold, murky world with only two colors of black and white, hidden inside are the slowly crawling shadows that surround the player.. Effects The shaking when firing of the weapon and the strong impact, the blood splashing in all directions as the bullets penetrate the enemy.. really brings frenzied action to Gunner Z’s gameplay style.


Gunner Z, with its new zombie approach and unique graphics powered by Unreal Engine, becomes a game you can’t miss if you want a bright action name. Now available on both iOS and Android platforms, Gunner Z ready for readers to eliminate zombies by downloading the game for free directly here:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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