CFL Star League 2018: The most prestigious tournament of the year competes in a completely new format

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CFL Star League 2018 is an annual tournament with the participation of the 8 strongest teams under a very careful selection from two semi-professional and amateur tournaments Pro League and CF2L. More specifically, this year Star League will be played under a completely new format, highly competitive and very fair, thereby giving the teams certain advantages and minimizing the element of luck in the competition.


Competition format:
Star League will be divided into 2 different seed branches

Start playing:
In total, the teams will play 5 turns

In there:

  • 4 teams with 3 wins will advance to the next round

  • 4 teams with 3 losses will be eliminated

  • Semi-finals: The remaining 4 teams will split into a knockout competition to choose the winner

  • All matches are in BO3 format with the order of competition: 2 bomb maps and 1 team battle map

  • Bombing Map: Strange Town, Broadcast Station, Satellite Station, Power Plant, Observation Deck​​

  • Team Battle Map: Cargo Ship, Paradise Island, Corridor​

With this extremely balanced new system, it promises to be extremely exciting matches as it reduces dependence on luck and enhances the map pool.


The organizers of the Star League season 2 2018 tournament want a thrilling final, so the last 2 teams left should not face each other too much before. In addition, it is possible to minimize meaningless matches, each victory must bring an improvement in the position as well as the chances of the teams to advance, compared to playing with the old format with many advantages. The game is meaningless for teams that lose 0-2 when they have no motivation to play. Another factor is that matches shouldn’t be strategically included, such as deliberately losing in order to meet a lighter opponent in the other bracket. With this new system, teams don’t need to consider the strategies they can work on, there is only one thing that can give them an advantage. It’s win all the games.

Star League 2018 promises to be a very exciting and dramatic tournament with high expertise and eye-catching matches. The tournament is expected to start on October 8 and directly on the official fanpage of CrossFire Legends. Don’t forget to update the earliest information about the tournament!
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