Join the “Infinity War” and receive super gifts from Toonies

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Thank goodness the “super” tournament is here, are the warriors ready to participate?

If you’ve ever witnessed the “landslides” in the 12 Universe Super Dragon Ball tournament, then surely you can’t miss the opportunity to become a true super soldier when participating in the tournament. fight “Infinity War” with Toonies – Dragon Ball Super version.

To join the event is not difficult. You just need to upgrade the strength of the warriors in your team, by having the warriors combine with the gods at the practice room. Only players who hold at least 3 successfully upgraded warrior cards can participate in the “Infinity War” arena.

Practicing the exercises to increase the strength of the warriors to be able to participate in the “Infinity War” tournament

The Black Market and the Cave of the Hunt for Power are two places to “receive gems” for competitors

The “Infinity War” tournament will be held every 2 weeks on 2 weekends, from July 28 to September 30, 2018. Top 2 people with the highest number of wins will be honored with a gold table and receive a generous reward from Toonies. Now that G is near, get ready to go to war!

Challenge 12 universes, monopolize Toonies’ “terrible” treasure

You will be hard pressed not to “boil the will” and be determined to win the top of the “Infinity War” table when you know the huge gift that the Top 2 winners of each tournament will receive. Including the Fornix Super Warrior bike or the Dragon Ball Edition Playstation 4 game console, not only are they extremely valuable, but they’re all limited production with “unmatched” Dragon Ball style, guaranteed. will make you “overjoyed” when owning.

Top gifts are waiting for warriors in the arena of Infinity War

In addition, many other attractive gifts are being “guarded” by the Divine Dragon at Divine Dragon Island. While waiting for the Infinity War arena to open, you can search for gems to see the Earth Dragon and “ride” the Dragon Ball t-shirt home. Or go to “Ultimate Arena” and find the full set of 7 Dragon Balls, combine with 5 Goku power status cards or 3 Vegeta power status cards to summon Namek Dragon. If you are lucky enough to meet him, you will immediately receive one of the genuine Dragon Ball character models Bandai, Banpresto, SHFiguarts!

Dragon Ball T-shirt, genuine Dragon Ball character model

Details of the time to participate in the “Infinity War” event:


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