Cross-eyed with the collection of superheroes miniature version of 9X Hanoi

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Talk about Super hero, surely all of us will immediately think of the interests of children, especially boys. But few people expect that many adults, working or married, still have this special hobby. They do not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to be able to own these super hero model for myself. Typically, the 9X guy from Hanoi below, the owner of a miniature version of superheroes, has made netizens feverish in recent days.


The character mentioned in this article is Duong Tat Thanh, 23 years old this year, a big fan of superheroes in the universe world. Marvel. Although he has gone to work, he still devotes his passion to his childish hobby. For Thanh, this is not just a hobby, but also a dream, a dream to set foot in the world of characters with extraordinary powers.

To be able to have such a “huge” collection as it is now, Thanh had to go through a lot of searching, collecting and even money. The guy who shared all was bought with his own accumulated money from many different amounts. In addition, Thanh also exchanged or sold other models to buy new models. Thanks to that, Thanh’s superhero team is “crowded” more and more.


Dedicating a lot of enthusiasm and effort to this passion, he extremely respects and cherishes and preserves the models he has. All are used to decorate the guy’s bookshelf.

Let’s see the details superhero collection of the 9x guy below.

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