Crossfire Legends – Tower Defense, Titan Citadel, Gorynych return with Big Head Bomb

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Challenge – World Boss – Gorynych

Gorynych, a 3-headed monster possessing boundless strength, and the ability to attack in many directions because all 3 heads can launch powerful attacks, spit fire, devour gunners who want to find Gorynych’s treasure! Gorynych will continue to appear for 1 more week: from June 18 to June 24, shooters remember to prepare carefully and coordinate well to complete both hard and super modes, collect dragon grenades, Gatling-Magma … in this week!


In addition, the opportunity to farm the Glory piece in the last week will require completing 3 Gorynych boss battles, gunners do not forget to go to the “OS” section to participate in the latest events!

Duel – Tower Defense – Space station

Tower Defense mode is also a PVE mode worth playing for gunners, with building towers, defending, shooting zombies, each gunner can go to victory on his own. Of course, combined with teammates will have a much easier and faster victory!


Completing Tower Defense mode, when flipping the card, gunners can permanently find the M249-S gun, BC Ax-Army, GP, Exp,…

Duel – Titan Citadel

Challenge Mode – Titan Citadel also returns this week with a fierce Boss Titan in 3 modes Normal – Hard – Super. Although the Titan boss is quite ferocious and releases a lot of subordinates, you can easily pass the stage if you own the Gatling-Bastion gun. Please put the gun in the middle of the map, then leisurely use the machine gun available in the map to shoot monsters, considering that you alone are already 2 hands and 2 guns, the attack power is doubled!


Defeat the Titan boss, flip the card at the end of the game, you will have the opportunity to own valuable items such as Awakening Stones, permanent BC Ax Beast, permanent Titan fists, jack hammer gold, talent points, Gatling, Thompson. ..

Entertainment – Big head put bombs

Mode Big Head Bombing is also back this week. The familiar way of playing bombs is mixed with the way of playing Big head, adding a funny big head image that is easy to aim and shoot, this is a mode that helps gunners practice bomb-laying battlefields with entertainment and also have the opportunity to receive more GEM when you hit your opponent in the head!


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