Heart-stopping with Mr. Grab while driving and still taking advantage of Arena of Valor

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Grab – a type of transportation business that allows users to book motorbikes and taxis online quite conveniently is probably no stranger to us in recent years, when the image of green uniforms The company’s trees can be found anywhere on the road, especially in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently, a story related to this service was shared in a group on social networks, attracting many people’s comments. The owner of the post Cao Nguyet Phuong is also a female passenger who has just had an extremely interesting experience with an emotional Grab ride.

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On the day of forgetting to bring her car keys, she decided to accompany a Grab man. But fate allowed her to meet a very special driver, as she said – a Grab man who is both polite, polite, family-loving and passionate about technology.

“As soon as he accepted my ride, I had an incredible thrill. Partly because of GPS now he’s only a crossroads from me, partly because he receives the book immediately. I am happy to wait, knowing that after 11 hours of my satisfying work, I can finally return home. However, 5 minutes passed, still did not see him, so I wondered and questioned. Could it be that he took it and didn’t take me home? And I hug my self-pity to call.

But I broke down in emotion, I wrongly blamed him. He is truly a family man. How can one be so selfish? He said he couldn’t come because he still had to eat with his family, he promised me to be there in 10 minutes.


Tao, with the shame of mistakenly blaming him, continued to wait while the hunger raged. But he’s right! Family is always first, can’t for a few silver coins to betray the wife, the children.

10 minutes then 15 minutes passed, he still hasn’t arrived. Perhaps he also had to wash the dishes for his wife, because his wife was too tired after a hard day of work, taking care of the children and eating. Come to think of it, I can’t help but feel ashamed, because I’m about to force that man away from his family to bring me back. But by the 16th minute, he showed up, with a few drops of sweat still rolling down his forehead. Tao quickly got into the car, ignoring the thoughts, to join the bustling atmosphere of the flow of people going to their home.

But as soon as I got in the car, I suddenly noticed something strange about this Grab guy. His right arm kept going up and down, his breathing quick. It seems that he hasn’t washed it yet, so his heart is full of pain.”

She looked up and saw that the driver was doing his job while showing his endless passion for Mobile Alliance (because she was not knowledgeable about the game, she was mistaken for League of Legends). Here our heroine, still humorous and inspirational, continues with her emotional circuit.

“It turns out that I not only robbed him of his family, but also robbed him of boundless passion. Society now only focuses on work and money, how many people put their passion over work? You are such a valuable person, an inspirational person.”

However, the fact that Mr. Grab was driving while playing games still couldn’t help but avoid her insecurity: “My heart constricts every time he turns on the gas and picks up the phone, controlling his character to fight the enemy. Then I couldn’t control my fear and reminded him to focus on driving. He turned and spoke softly to me.

– I’ll play this game for you!

I can only respond softly.

– I don’t know how to play!

And I seem to hear the gloom in his sigh. He continued to play and drive. Mobile Union has been with him all the way.

The image is cut from the clip shared by the post owner

When I was close to my house, the road was bumpy and difficult to walk, so I repeated it. He immediately put the phone in his breast pocket, and showed off his super fast driving skills. I think he did it because he was afraid that his teammates would lose the battle after he didn’t fight, afraid of his wife waiting, and children. I only know how to grip the rim of the car and hold the sadness alone.

When I got there, I said hello and left. But when he looked back, he was still there. The light of the phone shined on his tired face. Perhaps, he lost the game.”

The humorous situation was shared by the female passenger with an extremely attractive voice that made anyone who read the story have to laugh. However, this action of Mr. Grab still caused many people to condemn. Although I still know that passion is endless, it is extremely dangerous to drive a car while using a phone, especially playing games like this.​

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