CFL – Kukri VIP Inferno and Kukri Beast, who is better than who?

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VIP weapon set – Inferno including: AK47+D.E+Kukri has officially appeared in the arena CrossFire Legends. If you equip this set of weapons, you will receive a VIP-Inferno frame, a VIP icon and a noble character icon. These are decorative effects, not combat support. Indeed, with its inherent strength, each weapon of the VIP-Inferno set does not need any additional support effects to still be able to stir up the CFL battlefield. And now we will learn about the power of Kukri-VIP Inferno.


The Kukri-VIP Inferno is the second Kukri VIP weapon on the Crossfire Legends battlefield next to the Kukri-Beast. In terms of appearance, Kukri-VIP Inferno possesses an extremely luxurious and cool beauty with carved patterns on the knife body. In particular, the entire body of the knife is also covered with a beautiful golden light effect in battle, in the middle of his golden body is a red monster’s eye hidden in battle. It can be said that in terms of appearance, this is considered the most beautiful version of Kukri on the current battlefield.

In terms of combat power, the Kukri-VIP Inferno is also one of the most powerful melee weapons on the battlefield today. Compared to Kukri-Beast, Kukri-Inferno is equal in normal slashing speed, slower in weapon withdrawal speed. But the outstanding point of Kukri-Inferno is in the special attack. As we all know when using melee weapons, gunners prefer to use special attacks because this is an attack that can finish the opponent in one hit. So, with the advantage of special attack speed, Kukri-VIP Inferno becomes an extremely fearsome weapon of the melee line.


In addition, Kukri-VIP Inferno users also receive additional effects of the VIP weapon line and special kill icon.


This is indeed an extremely scary weapon, isn’t it? Have you owned Kukri-VIP Inferno yet, hurry up and own it from this week!

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