Attack on Titan Tactics – Tactical version of Titan Deathmatch revealed Mobile

Attack on Titan Tactics Tu chien Titan phien ban chien thuat he lo MobiletFYnd - Emergenceingame

In April, DeNA has officially announced information about a new mobile game based on the anime “Attack on TitanThe official title of the game is Attack on Titan TACTICS and was well received by fans of the series. The context of Attack on Titan is set in a city, where humans must constantly defend the surrounding walls against attacks from giants – the Titans. This is the perfect setup for a defensive matchmaking game like Attack on Titan TACTICS. Players will collect and upgrade characters to assemble a team capable of launching attacks against the Titans before they come and break the city’s protective walls. You can see the gameplay of the game in the new trailer.

Attack on Titan TACTICS will stick to the story of the first season of the anime, and will also include brand new side quests to give the game its own character, escaping the shadow of the original Attack on Titan universe. . The game features over 40 different characters from the series and is even voiced by the same old cast. This is really a treat for Attack on Titan fans condensed into a real-time strategy game, with a defensive matchmaking style. Attack on Titan TACTICS launched in Japan in April, and is scheduled for an English release this fall. Players in the US, Canada and Australia can pre-register for the Android version of the game on the Google Play Store, and as always, there will be rewards based on the number of registrations before the game officially launches in the western market. . Attack on Titan TACTICS will of course also be available on iOS devices and Emergenceingame.Com will update the specific release date as details are received.


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