Carrion – Horror game that’s boring to watch

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Carrion is the latest project of the developers who created the game Butcher. If Butcher has “made a name” on Steam as an extremely difficult shooter with enough ways to make people “go away” in a brutal way, then Carrion was introduced as a “backward and bloody horror game”. The “reverse” here is when the player will not play the role of a hero to save the world from disaster, but will become … a disaster for humanity. A short gameplay clip was posted recently to reveal the monster the player will transform into.


Carrion’s Intro Gameplay

Carrion is presented through an 8-bit graphic world similar to its predecessor, but the horror is raised to a terrible level. The “protagonist” is a shapeless monster whose body is cluttered with sticky tentacles that make a whistling and wet sound as it shoots through the air. The scene in the background is blood and broken bones all over the floor, mixed with the screams of the victim. A sight that is both repulsive and breathtaking, so much so that viewers will feel fortunate that they are presented through 8-bit graphics rather than realistic 3D images.


Although the first images are already available, fans of the genre horror game will have to wait for a long time until the game comes out. As expected, Carrion will be released in February 2020, the game does not have a specific release date yet.​

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