The best places to land early game in PUBG’s desert map

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Without a doubt, Miramar possesses a much more diverse and complex terrain than Erangel (old map). The rolling hills, too many cities, the city is full of huge houses with countless rooms… all of which make choosing a place to land at the beginning of the game much more difficult. However, after a process of getting acquainted, many gamers have also begun to synthesize some experience about starting locations when having to fight to the death with more than 90 other people in the desert.


A new school of Miramar. Located right in the middle of the map, with many quality items (frequently picking up hats 3, armor 3, backpacks 3 …), Pecado immediately became the hottest place on the desert map. In general, players PUBG can be divided into 2 types, which I temporarily call Warrior and Ninja. Shinigami, needless to say, they often stay away from battle zones, hide to wait for their time, and only shoot when the time is right. In contrast, Warriors like “hot spots”, they want to fight to the death, not hide to win. Obviously, Pecado is the dream arena of the Warriors. Many opponents to fight, lots of delicious equipment to pick up, just enough construction, not so much to the point of overwhelming as big cities…all of which, make Pecado a “convergence” place for the Warriors to enter. early game. Therefore, if you are a Warrior, and confident enough in your abilities, then Pecado’s boxing gym is a great choice for you.

Hacienda del Patron


Another location is equally hot, and obviously still for Warrior-style players. Located relatively close to the center of the map, many good equipment (a little less than Pecado in my personal opinion), in general, this is a second Pecado of Miramar. A special feature of Patron is that there is only one central villa with a few rows of small houses located around it, so obviously the main place for “bloodshed” is that villa. Land, pick up guns, kill or be killed… These 3 simple steps are what made the Warriors love Hacienda del Patron.

La Cobreria


Contrary to the two locations above, La Cobrería is a paradise for gamers who love “peace”. Located in the upper left corner of the map, unless it is on the flight path, otherwise very few gamers will choose La Cobrería as a starting point. Few, but not none, for the Shinobi will sometimes land here as well. All in all, despite being desolate, La Cobrería is still a city with a decent amount of equipment to equip at least 4 people. In addition, this city also often has traffic, so the distance from the playzone will not be a problem.



Located on the right side of the map, Impala keeps an adequate distance from the center, so as not to become a major conflict site, nor to be as desolate as many other outlying cities. Usually, this will be where gamers who are neutral between both schools (Warriors and Ninjas) choose to start. Such people are often not less or many, so as long as you are careful enough, you will have a peaceful start with Impala. In terms of equipment, Impala obviously doesn’t match Pecado and Patron, but it should be enough to get you to the finish line in any battle for survival.

Los Leones


As a large city located not far from the center, Los Leones is obviously one of the favorite locations for PUBG players. However, because this is a big city, sometimes you will feel “overwhelmed” and cannot find yourself a suitable landing spot. Advice, is to choose the area north of the city (right above the word ‘Le’ones). There are 3 big houses with lots of delicious things here, enough to serve as a base to help you ‘clear’ the whole city.

San Martin


Similar to Los Leones, even closer to the center, San Martin is also obviously a hotspot of Miramar. However, since it’s such a hot spot, it would be quite dangerous to land directly in the city. Therefore, the house located on the hill (upper left of the word ‘San’) would be a great choice as many other people would skip this place. According to experience, you will pick up a temporary amount of items in this area, or at least enough to proceed to “camp” down to San Martin and wait for the “lost cows”.

All in all, Miramar is a large, complex map, and you can choose anywhere as a landing spot. However, the cities mentioned above are obviously the hottest places, and are well worth a visit one day.

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