5 creepy mysteries that gamers wish they never found (P2)

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Double the Easter Eggs or “Easter eggs” that developers integrate into fun, light-hearted games … will make anyone accidentally discovered to haunt forever. Those games also inadvertently become horror “traps” that bury our minds. If you have doubts about those nightmares, read the following words..

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a spin-off revolving around the familiar “dwarf mushroom” of the Mario world. Like many other games under Nintendo’s hands, Captain Toad has very gentle colors, parallel backgrounds and funny characters.. But… like many other products under the hands of Japanese game companies, Hidden deep in the game is a spooky mystery.


Accordingly, at Boo Mansion, if you let Toad stand still in a motionless position on the bottom floor of the villa for a few minutes, you will see this dwarf mushroom suddenly cover his face and tremble with fear. Looking up at the wall, you will see white handprints suddenly appear. These handprints of someone (or an entity) left, are no different from the bloody handprints on the wall that we often see appearing in Hollywood horror movies.

Far Cry 3

You probably still remember a side mission of Far Cry 3 called “Pinned to Earth”, where you meet an elderly woman who tells about a plane that crashed off the coast when no one would believe her. When heading towards the beach, you see the wreckage of an airplane lying there.. only it is left with a rusty moldy steel shell. Ask a man there, you know there was a plane crash here but it happened 10 years ago. When he told you that an elderly woman asked him to come here to investigate, the man replied that there were no women around.

If you are brave enough to go back to the house where you met the other woman, you will find that the house is empty of people… As if it has been abandoned for a long time.​

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea (Episode 2)

It seems that the DLC version of Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea always contains mysteries that want to drill straight into gamers’ temples. In the scene of going on a boat with the Lutece twins in the middle of the night, if you look closely under the water on both sides of the boat, you will be startled by what you discovered. Yes, the figure floating in the black sea is the body of Elizabeth – the key character in the original version of Bioshock Infinite and also the one you are controlling in Episode 2 of Burial at Sea.

As of 1:24, you can see Elizabeth’s body drifting close to the left side of the boat.. Apparently not even the player in this clip noticed.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

The brains of Japanese developers are really problematic because they always try to incorporate monstrous mysteries into games with fun and colorful atmosphere. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade also can’t avoid that weird habit..

Accordingly, if you take the character to the bridge in the town of Harmonica, you will see a flooded cave deep inside. From a third-person perspective you won’t be able to see inside but if you use binoculars you can spot a “Kappa” lurking just below the water with only half of its face up. According to Japanese legend, Kappa is a sea monster with reptile skin and turtle shell, specializing in hiding in rivers and lakes to pull anyone who accidentally passes by and then drowns until drowning.


Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a game set in modern warfare and mostly focuses on the multiplayer aspect with super-scale battles. Because of the exciting atmosphere and so many players participating, many people think a horror mystery can “live” here. That’s why everyone is confused.


Accordingly, in the Nansha Strike map in the tunnel area, you can see a locked iron door with a camera installed right outside. Strangely, this camera continuously directs the lens to anyone who passes by with the LED light blinking continuously. On this door, there is a Chinese inscription that means: “Project 273 tunnel. Prepare for war, prepare for epidemics, for people’s lives”. If you stand long enough in front of the door, the player begins to hear a voice distorted to the point of monstrous, with bass almost like a breeze.. If you turn the volume up loud enough you will hear…

Please leave this place..
Stay away..
Get out of here..

To be continued..

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