Call of Duty Warzone: An overview of contract types (Contracts)


In Call of Duty Warzone, types of contract missions (Contracts) are an outstanding and innovative feature that you and your teammates can work together.. This is also a way to make money and win many valuable rewards. In this article, will introduce to you about the types of contracts in Call of Duty Warzone.


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Overview of contract types (Contracts) in Call of Duty Warzone

Types of contracts

The contracts will be spawned randomly in the map. As soon as you meet them, you can easily recognize them thanks to the symbol of that type of contract. There are three types in CoD Warzone:

  • Bounty Contract (Bounty): The target icon.
  • Contract Recon: Flag symbol.
  • Contract Scavenger: Magnifying glass icon.

In addition, players should also note the following points about the contract:

  • Note 1: In Plunder game mode, contracts are mainly found in Supply Boxes on the map.
  • Note 2: Only one Contract can activate per team. All team members must complete the Contract, or wait for the Contract to expire, before the next Contract can be found and commenced.
  • Note 3: Contracts are the main way to make money and use them in Buy Stations.

Bounty Contract (Bounty)


Upon receiving this Contract, you and your team have only a few minutes to hunt down a single player in the enemy squad. Your Mini map shows the approximate location of the enemy, but it’s all up to you to find the exact location and finish them off. If there is enough time, after they are killed, the timer stretches and the bounty goes to another target member in that squad. When all target squad members are removed, the Contract is completed and you are rewarded with money and experience.

The bounty contract is one of the most basic types of tasks and easiest to do, as you are technically rewarded for eliminating opponents. Work is inherently vital.

Contract Recon (flagging)


After activating this contract, your Mini Map will update a marker, where you and your team must stand within a small radius around the train station and upload data. When the team members start to perform, a fire will erupt from the station, everyone can see when near it. Completing the upload will directly reward money and items, as well as letting you know the next safe area.

The Recon contract is a kind of risky contract, because the fire can warn the enemies around and completing the quest will be more difficult. However, the rewards are valuable for allowing the team to know where the circle is going.

Contract Scavenger


This is exactly the kind of contract offered to those who are short of equipment. Scavenger will show you the location of 3 Special Supply Boxes, one at a time by marking an icon on the mini map. The search requires even 1 of 3 boxes, allowing players and teammates to keep any loot or cash found. But if you finish searching for all 3 boxes, you will have a chance of getting the best items.

This task requires intelligence in moving, avoiding fighting until there is enough equipment. Requiring to search will also help players understand the terrain and location, thereby enhancing the player’s ability to survive.



Whenever you complete a Contract, your Contract Bonus will increase. This stat, which is not carried from one match to another, will also not determine the drop rate and the item’s rank and the amount of money received. Complete as many contracts in Warzone as possible, as it can help a squad to earn a lot of money and comfortably in battle.

Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the following articles!

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