Dragon Mark: Details of the merchant guild’s quest sequence

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Dragon Seal Game with many missions that can receive Silver Keys, one of which is the Merchant’s quest chain that brings up to 2,000,000 Keyless Silver so you should never miss this quest chain. The Trade Association mission series has many different activities, below Download.vn will talk in detail about the Trade Association mission in Dragon Mark to you for your reference and selection to perform.

The details of the guild’s guild quest in Dragon Seal

Guide to join the Trade Association mission

Condition of character: Has level 35 or above.

Execution time: Activities must be completed within 10 days of the selected time.

How to join:

  • You will meet NPC Temujin (The Chancellor) at locations on the map.
Series of Trade Association missions
Series of Trade Association missions

Complete the sequence of tasks assigned

  • Mission 1: Complete Makai Hell 1 time by yourself.
  • Mission 2: Pass the Death Tunnel 1 time.
  • Mission 3: Pass the 5th floor of Phong Dong Yeu once.
  • Mission 4: Once in the top 30 when the Ice Flame Battlefield ends.
  • Mission 5: Once in the top 1 when the Arena of Heroes ended.
  • Mission 6: Complete 1 time Dai Ma Cung.

Rewards for Trade Association

You will receive the following rewards after completing all of the above missions.

  • Silver unlocked: 200,000
  • Silver buckle: 2,000,000
  • Level 8 strengthened stone (lock): 2

Hopefully you will quickly get a huge amount of unlocked Silver when you join the game role-playing game Dragon Seal.

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Update: March 14, 2020

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