How to go to different spots in Play Together

Play Together di chuyen 7 - Emergenceingame

Game Play Together There are many interesting areas for you to explore. Here are how to go to popular places in Play Together.

How to get to the necessary points in Play Together

How to get to the necessary points in Play Together


To get to the square in Play Together, you need to go to the right of the game screen. Next, touch the map, you will see a lot of different spots along with “hot” areas. You can then enter towns and tour them for specific activities.

Information centre

Info Center provides you with loads of useful information about Play Together. You can access it from the left side of the center screen. There you will find an interactive map.


Gamezone is where you can connect all mini-games at once. Here’s how: open the game center and click Play. Then you can start playing any of your favorite mini-games. The rewards received for completing the challenge are stars and crowns.

Play Together has a series of exciting mini-games for you to compete with other players. The winner is always the last person left in each game. In each round, the player will also be eliminated if he fails to beat the other player.

Vehicles in Play Together

Transportation in Play Together

To move quickly between locations in the game Play Together, you certainly cannot lack a vehicle. Each type has its own special effect, be it acceleration, jumping or more.

Each Play Together vehicle has a different color, price, speed, and number of people it can carry.

  • Airport Baggage Card: You can get it from the Global Airline Season VVIP Pass. It has two seats, 3 speed with boost effect.
  • Bicycle: You can buy bikes from skaters. It comes in 3 colors: yellow, khaki, blue. Gold car costs 22 Gem, Ka Ki car costs 2,700 Cash. This vehicle has only one seat with 3.5 speed & boost effect.
  • Block Police Car: You will have this vehicle when participating in the draw for the corresponding gift box in the store. It has 2 seats, 4.5 speed and has boost effect.
  • Bumper Cars: Vehicles can only be obtained from special events. Currently, you can only get this car during server maintenance. It has 1 seat, 3.5 speed and boost effect.
  • Cherry Pogo Sticks: You get it from the sweet Desert draw gift box in the store. It has 1.75 velocity and high jump effect.
  • Classic Sedan: It can be purchased from the auto shop in black & gold color options. It costs 12,000 Cash, 5.5 speed and 2 seats.
  • Formula 7: This vehicle can be purchased from the Car Store. Currently, it comes in 4 colors: Silver, Alpha, Enzo and Big Mac. Silver & Alpha cost 13,500 Cash, while Enzo and Big Mac cost 108 Gem. They have one seat, 5 speed with boost effect.
  • Mini Blue: Buy this vehicle from Car Shop for 54,000 Cash. Velocity: 4.5. Effect: Boost.
  • Off-Roader: Available for a limited time and is the only Play Together vehicle that must be purchased for real money. Price: 14.99USD. Velocity: 5.15. Two seats.
  • Super Pogo Sticks: Gifted to Play Together players during maintenance. Although it has a slow speed, in return it allows the player to jump very high.
  • Convertible: Also known as the Roadster, you can buy it at the Car Shop in 3 color options: black, red, and yellow. Price: 54,000 Cash, red alone is 540 Gem. It has 4 seats. Velocity: 6. Effect: Special Boost.
  • Scooter: Buy at Car Shop for 4,050 Cash with 9 colors to choose from, 54 Gem alone. It has 1 seat. Velocity: 4. Effect: Boost.
  • Shopping Carts: Buy from Ms.Cashier at the supermarket, allowing you to push others around Kaia Island. It has 2 seats. Velocity: 3. Effect: Boost. Price: 32 Gems.

Above is How to get to popular places and transportation in Play Together. Hope the article is useful to you.

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