The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, horses, and foxes in Minecraft

Let’s start building a majestic world for yourself in the Minecraft game, although the graphics are not as eye-catching as some current game series, but Minecraft attracts a large number of players, when you play and then you can hardly get out. This game is, because when playing, you unleash your personality and freely build your own world. has taught you a lot of tips, as well as tips for playing words how to make basic objects, tool making, until how to farm. And today we continue to make it easy for you to train dogs, cats and horses so that they will assist you in the process of creating your own world.

The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, horses, and foxes in Minecraft

1. How to tame a wolf (Wolf) in Minecraft

In fact, dogs are difficult to master and train, but in Minecraft game, you absolutely can. In the game Minecraft, the dog works to protect you and also acts as a scene. The dogs in the game are extremely smart, they know when to sleep, when to rest, even when you need their help.

You can train them, share feelings with them, and level them up. When the dog leveled up, it will be much stronger and stronger, creating stronger hits, and better protection. So how to master them? Turn them into animals that protect you from dangers?

The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, and horses in Minecraft

First, when you meet a dog, use bones click on To lure it to eat, when you see your hearts fly, you successfully tame them and they will follow to help you hunt the mobs that you are attacking or attack the mobs hitting you.

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2. How to tame a wild cat (Ocelot) in Minecraft

Wild cats are found in forests, as a Creeper repellant, but training a cat is a little more difficult, you must have live fish. First show the cat the live fish. When it comes to you, just right click well, remember to stand with the cat a certain distance, do not move because when moving the cat will run away. After waiting for the cat to slowly approach you and stop then Feed him fish until his heart flies.

The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, and horses in Minecraft

So you have successfully tame this wild cat! This is extremely difficult, requires you to have experience to be able to achieve, even though your heart is present, it is not necessarily mastered yet.

3. How to tame the horse (Horse) in Minecraft

Horses were born in plains and deserts. First, a horse and a saddle are needed to tame a horse. However, the saddle cannot be built, but must be found in a mine or in a cave. In caves, there is usually a Spawner place, next to those cages, there are usually a few chest next to containing random items, if no one has found this cage, you will find a saddle there, maybe even Earn diamonds here as well.

The secret to tame wild cats, wolves, and horses in Minecraft

After having the saddle, then continuously left click To train it, press LSHIFT To leave the mount, persistently press until the red heart rises, you have tame this horse. When you can train, wear a saddle to ride on a flat horse key E. So now you can ride a horse.

With the above tips, hopefully you can easily tame wolves, horses, and wild cats successfully. In addition, you can refer to some of the following empire building games: Empire of the Galaldur, Knight Elite, The Promised Land … for fun after hours of stressful work and study.

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Video instructions for taming wild cats, wolves, horses

4. How to tame fox (Fox) in Minecraft

Foxes in Minecraft often appear in large and snowy Taiga forests. The red fox will appear in normal Taiga forest with giant coniferous trees, while the white fox will be in the snow-capped biome. They usually go in small groups of 2 or more. This animal usually sleeps during the day and is more active at night. If you’re going to keep Minecraft’s foxes, following them during the day is the best approach.

How to tame fox in Minecraft

How to feed Minecraft foxes:

First, the player needs to find them during the daytime. Then, locate the two foxes sleeping side by side, and then build a wall surrounded by two square blocks so that they cannot escape. You need to bend over so as not to wake the fox while building the wall.

After that, let the foxes eat the sweet succulent fruit. Berries are easy to find in all variations of the Taiga forest in Minecraft. Ideally, you should have a few sweet fruits ready before you hunt for foxes. When foxes mature, they will give birth. You can easily separate the fox from the mother with the leash. After that, it will follow the player and no longer want to be near their parents after a period of separation.

Players attempting to tame foxes without harming or causing them to flee, can benefit from the use of stealth potions.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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