“Nonsense” Naruto will be jealous of the fans of these 6 villains

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Naruto is one of the series manga The most massive in Japan with a huge character system, in which the character villain also account for a large number, but not all villains are hated. On the contrary, some of the villains in Naruto have as large a fan base as the heroine.



Sasori impresses with fiery red hair and a gentle and cute face like a boy despite being over 30 years old. Childhood lack of love and making friends with mindless puppets all day has made him lonely and desperate, to the point of losing himself. In fact, Sasori makes the reader feel more pitiful than hateful or reprehensible.



As a person who pursues the perfection of art, because he could not defeat Itachi Uchiha but practiced ninjutsu, unfortunately provoked by Sasuke, he became angry, finally using his last art, turning himself into a bomb, committed suicide while trying to kill Sasuke.



A lover and enthusiast of the forbidden arts, but Orochimaru’s goal was to destroy Konoha, and eventually he himself almost “game over”.

Madara Uchiha


Madara Uchiha is considered one of the most talented ninja in history and the strongest of the Uchiha clan, unfortunately he is a villain. But Madara is a very popular villain because of his hegemony and talent.

Uchiha Obito


After the pain of losing the girl he loved during his teenage years, Uchiha Obito began to become “mutated” with the determination to become a criminal in order to end the conflict in the world. Despite carrying the determination to destroy the world, Obito still won a lot of love from fans because of his infatuation.

Uchiha Itachi


Throughout the manga, Uchiha Itachi always appears as a villain who receives much criticism, but in the end he is shown to be a true ninja, always living and dying for the peace of Konoha. Regardless of whether he is a villain or not, his number of fans has never waned.​

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