Officially launched the role-playing webgame Ba Dao Chi Ton

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After the meager information and teaser images, finally, Bao Dao Chi Ton also opened the first server, allowing players to freely experience and unleash. This is good news for gamers who have been waiting for this role-playing game for a long time.


Possessing unique features such as giving players the freedom to create their own moves, the battlefield for the Spirit between players is extremely fun but equally fierce… These are the factors that help Bao Dao Chi Ton. causing curiosity and eagerness to experience early on of many gamers.

Lots of gifts to celebrate the launch

If you regularly follow Ba Dao Chi Ton’s Fanpage, surely you will not be able to ignore the exciting series of events taking place with many attractive gifts. On the occasion of the game’s launch, Ba Dao Chi Ton continues to launch a series of great gifts on Fanpage and on 360game channel. This is an opportunity for all gamers to win a series of attractive gifts with a total value of up to 2,000,000 VND.

With such a great gift value, gamers should not miss the opportunity to own them. Currently, when attending events on Ba Dao Chi Ton’s Fanpage, you will collect VIP Codes such as Code Loan Tin, Code Tan Thu …

In addition to the valuable items received in the above Codes such as: Gold Lock, Silver, Single EXP, etc., players also have the opportunity to own the unique title of “Jianghu Dueling”. This is a title that can only be received in this event, so gamers do not miss it.


In addition, in the first 7 days of logging in to the game, players also receive extremely attractive incentives:​

  • 7-day login gift: by logging in continuously for the first 7 days, players will receive ‘Riding Animals’ Devil Diem Lang, ‘Than Binh’ Talented Knife, ‘Spiritual Grace’ Female La Sat and many other useful items for the past. game experience.
  • x100 Cashback: with this feature, players spend 88 Gold, which will be refunded up to 8888 Gold.
  • Investment Plan: When investing 888 Gold, players will be refunded x10 within 7 days. In addition, you also get the beautiful Phi Phong with extremely strong attributes.

Too many great deals for gamers to experience.

A series of attractive features worth experiencing

Not just webgame Role-playing swordplay with the typical features of this game series, Ba Dao Chi Ton also possesses many outstanding and different features. Typically, the feature allows players to freely combine skills to create new skill combos. Gamers can freely mix moves to create 30 different types of combo moves, easily transforming and changing skills and roles in combat.


In addition, this game also owns a feature that is extremely crowded with the Holy Spirit. Players will have to fight with each other for the Sacred Treasures with special power. If anyone owns this type of equipment in their hands, that person will become the target of all the players in the server.

Another bright spot that cannot be ignored of Ba Dao Chi Ton is Vuong Gia Chien. This is the battlefield that gathers the largest number of players, and is also the only battlefield that determines the King of the game.

Gamers, hurry into the game and experience the series of extreme features of Ba Dao Chi Ton right away!
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