Boom with the return of the 2nd Battle City – Yugi H5 magic card tournament

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Surely for most gamers, the Tournaments professional, playgrounds that gather a large number of players…, are always a “catalyst” to create engaging experiences and an opportunity for players to assert their skills and level.
With the player Yugih5, the Battle City tournament, even though it has only been released for one season, has received a warm welcome from thousands of players. After the success from the first tournament, in response to the expectations of the player community, Yugih5 has excitedly kicked off the 2nd Battle City tournament.

Not just a big tournament.


Compared to the 1st Tournament, the 2nd Battle City promises to be more epic and professional with the competition of more than 2000 players, and a series of extremely attractive prizes including Gem, Golden Thunder Card, Void Stone. with many beautiful skins that every player wants to have.
The unique feature of this Battle City is that all players must participate in the Top 50 server race to win the right to register for the tournament. This will provide a more dramatic tournament as well as the selection of the best players, contributing to a more professional tournament. The first series is expected to take place in mid-March. Players, hurry up and enter the game, race Top to win tickets to the tournament right away!
This series of Grand Tournaments is not only a playground for competition among players, honoring excellent players, but also the enthusiasm and cherished by game operators towards building a community of cards. players grow up and can reach the heights of eSports in the future.

Exciting self-organized tournaments of the card community.
Yugih5 not only stands out for its novel game genre, top-notch tactics in each match, but also in the growing community of players. Not only are they excited about the big tournaments organized by Yugih5, the players also create their own playground and the community with amateur but equally exciting and exciting tournaments.


Yugih5 always supports gamers to their best in community building and development activities. In the coming time, in addition to honoring core and active members, the Yugih5 group will have a series of activities such as clan registration, support for players to organize tournaments, etc. to create a cohesive playground and community development.

HOT updates

  • 8/3 Rotation Event​

  • Ishizu and Mai Valentine character expansion pack​

  • Expansion Pack – Witch

  • Return gift – Welcome the player back after 7 days Offline

Enter the game now to update the HOT events and put your name on the list to participate in this 2nd Battle City Tournament!

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