The story of March 8 through Bao Cong’s story, there was a curse of lace panties from ancient times

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How is the thing about lace panties and March 8 related?

According to the story of “Bao Bao”, in ancient times, there were many boys from all over the world who came to join the congress to pick the bridegroom for the princess. Through martial arts rounds competing at Dou Phai activities or at least competing at Duong Chau arena, Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh were the best at that time. Then the male lead appeared to overwhelm everyone. However, human calculation is not equal to heaven calculation, that appearance is only the background for the red lace underwear.


The curse of the red lace panties really makes people panic, if they stick to it, happiness will be broken. No one expected that in the end, the thought of happiness was complete, once again the couple was separated by the prison scene. After meeting and dissolving, the girl stood in Quy Van Trang and mourned her situation. The sky at this moment in Ba Lang mountain was dyed a pale pink, the bright light slowly fading into the trembling girl’s slender body. The scene was like the day she held her husband’s hand to watch the sunset in Long Tuyen Thon. Somewhere, the sound of horse hooves, swords from the battlefield of Tu Kinh Quan, tore the heart of a girl.


Fortunately, before leaving, the guy left a gift on March 8, looking at things that miss him. Whenever she misses her husband, just log in to the game Unparalleled Pride 2 is visible. Not sure what will appear in that gift box, teddy bears, flowers or cards? As a female gamer shared that sometimes there is no need for gifts, being together is already the biggest gift on March 8.


On the occasion of Women’s special day, Ngao Kiem Incomparable 2 is grateful to gamers with many attractive events such as Super Pink Destiny, March Huong Sac, Gratitude to Women, … FA female gamers are also not worried. I am sad because today, every time I go to Quan Quan, I receive gifts such as bears, flowers, and cards. The event to celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8 with attractive rewards will surely make the Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 community excited about the red fortunes, wanted, secret scenes, Tang Kinh, …


Temporarily put aside about the difficult relationship between the beautiful princess and the giants of the island. Whether the curse of the red lace panties would still work in the future, it didn’t matter. Because today, the gamer community shares the joy with all of you with sweet wishes. Together, galloping horses on the battlefield of blood and fire, participating in the Blood War Guild or hanging up the sword to rest, drink a cup of strong wine, eat a little barbecue, talk and laugh, and cultivate childhood memories.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day March 8, on behalf of all men, Ngao Kiem Wu Song 2 would like to wish you all with all your heart and love, best wishes. Enter the game to receive flowers and gifts, friends!

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