Who are ‘worthy’ to lift Thor’s divine hammer? (P.1)

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In the movie Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, there is an episode that makes the audience feel the most interesting is everyone fighting to hold the hammer. Mjolnir of the Thor in the “congress of heroes”. Even though Iron-man had put on his armor, there was still no way to move that divine hammer. Black Widow declined the offer to try and raise Mjonir. And Captain America almost lifted it, causing Thor to be a bit “confident”. Because inherently this hammer is famous for being very heavy and is a very important weapon, inseparable from Thor. However, many people may not know that in Marvel There have been characters who can not only lift the hammer but can also use it as a weapon as effective as the owner – Thor.


1. Jane Foster – Thor’s ex-lover

In the Comics there was a time when Thor for some reason couldn’t use his magic hammer, so Thor’s lover – an ordinary person – became the ‘Goddess of Thunder’. In the movie version, this role is played by Natalie Portman, only different from the original is that her profession is changed from a nurse to a scientist. This girl is not like other normal superheroes, during the day she goes out to save the world and at night returns to her original job. It can be seen that Jane Foster lifts this hammer with ease and when she has the holy hammer Mjolnir in her hand, she is as strong as Thor.


2. Black Widow

Although in Avengers 2, Black Widow did not participate in the war to lift the hammer, but in the parallel world Earth-23223 she had the opportunity to raise Mjolnir. Mjolnir is also known as ‘the hammer for the worthy’ and Black Widow has become (one of) those worthy. At that time, the Midgard rebels began to attack the earth, after gathering them began to search for Thor’s hammer. In the moment of hanging hair, facing the enemy, Black Widow lifted the hammer Mjolnir and transformed into a powerful ‘Thunder God’. Later, she and other superheroes in other parallel universes gathered to form the Avengers alliance to fight the Ultron force.


3. Captain America

Although in Avengers 2, Captain America only “almost” but did not fully lift the hammer Mjolnir, but in the original Comic he successfully did this. And this magic hammer, if worthy to hold it, one will receive the same power as Thor. In the Earth-616 universe, Captain America is a person with great righteousness and noble feelings, so he has the right to lift Mjolnir. He also used it only for the sake of righteousness, eradicating evil forces, and bringing peace to the world. And at the climax of the battle, Captain America strongly swung the hammer high to gather the superheroes in the Avengers alliance, joining forces to fight the enemy.


(To be continued)

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