Black Desert releases a sexy and powerful new character

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Black Desert on January 11, awakened the new character “Ran” and released a trailer introducing this new character. Last month, the developer updated Lan and this is known as a female character who learns martial arts in China, the cradle of Oriental martial arts, with skills that are as light as orchid petals but powerful. redoubtable.

After unlocking this character, the weapon Lan uses are two swords connected by a chain, also known as the Blood Willow Knife, which can be used to frantically attack the opponent. , create combos that cause enemies to take huge damage. At the same time, players can unlock more ranged skills before unlocking this character.


Before the attraction of the game, the developer is very active in updating new characters and costumes, and weapons, before that Mystic character has been upgraded with a new weapon, the Cang Long Giap. Black Desert Online has become a very hot game in Korea since registration opened, perhaps because the game is completely free, but objectively, the gameplay and graphics of the game deserve the expectations of the community. world coin game.​

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