This is the game with the most fan donations in 2017: $35 million

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The slow progression of Star Citizen since 2012 has not disappointed the fans’ expectations. This space simulation open space game continued to attract an additional $35 million in 2017, bringing the total amount invested by fans to $176 million (more than VND 4000 billion).


The exact figure given by the developer Cloud Imperium Games is $34.91 million, down slightly from the $36.11 million mark in 2016 but still more than double the total raised capital of all other games (only about approx. 17.25 million dollars). However, this is still an impressive investment, even extraordinary for a crowdfunding project that has been started since 2012 on the Internet. Kickstarter.


Looking back at the specific funding figures on the website, you can see Star Citizen funded a lot during the year-end period, especially in November and December with about 6 million USD per month. A spike occurred in late November, at a time when developers started selling virtual plots of land in the game for $100 a lot.

Hitherto, Star Citizen There have been many delays in the release process. For example, the alpha 3.0 trial version was 3 months late and was only released in December. The rest of the game’s development still has to drag on for another year, the game still doesn’t have an expected release date.​

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