Breaking into the house to steal things, the village superstar forgets “politics” because… busy playing games

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Previously, the story gamer Having a thief break into a house to steal a console or PC is no longer a new thing, but going to steal but forgetting the task like the thief below is really the first time seeing it. JiangSu Xinwen page recently shared a funny case from Jiangsu police. The suspect is a man surnamed Cui who lives in Kunshan, Suzhou (China), during a robbery he was absorbed in the game he was playing and forgot that he came to steal things.

On the day of the incident, discovering the owner was away and forgot to close the door, this thief snuck into the house to perform the act. theft. However, when he finished entering the house, he discovered that the homeowner’s computer was still running the game and had not turned off, the thief almost forgot his main purpose and sat down to play the game. However, perhaps because the game was too exciting, this guy sat and played until the owner came home. It was not until he met the owner of the house that this thief remembered the “political” thing that he had not done.

After the incident, the homeowner discovered that only a small amount of money had been lost in the house, so he decided not to report it to the police anymore. But unexpectedly on the second day, this thief still dared to come, the main road said to get back the cup he dropped yesterday. The owner of the house immediately informed the police, the thief has now been caught.​


According to the testimony of the thief surnamed Thoi, he is currently working as a hired worker, sometimes his work is not, that’s why when he discovered that the door was not locked, he intended to enter the house to steal. Unfortunately, nothing could be stolen, but saw a computer still on and sat down to play. In the end, because the game was so good, I forgot about the time. (The information about the game that the thief plays has not been revealed yet)

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