The North respects Shaolin, the South worships Wudang – the Gypsy cannot lack the righteous Wudang sect

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Tale Wudang – the sect that counterbalances all aspects of Shaolin
Legend has it that, when he was a child, the patriarch of the Wudang sect, Truong Tam Phong, was sent to study at the Shaolin Temple by his mother. Thanks to his intelligence and good luck, he learned the secret of Cuu Duong Than Cong. After being kicked out because of conflicts with his fellow disciples, he engaged in gypsies, experienced events of his own, and eventually invented Tai Chi Than Cong and founded a faction at Wudang Mountain.


In this dictionary, it is not wrong to think that Wudang has a starting point from Shaolin, but it is not correct to say that Wudang martial arts is inferior to Shaolin. If Shaolin martial arts are biased towards erection, external strength, and strength such as Dich Can Kinh, Thiet Bo Sam, Tiet Dau Cong, etc., Wudang’s Tai Chi is more about control, taking internal work as the root, and taking power. lashing out, taking the reins. It can be affirmed that, with such a principle of mutuality, the martial arts of the Taoists are only slightly better than those of the old monks.


In terms of thought and religion, although Truong Chan Nhan stepped out of Buddhism, he did not like the way of blocking the thoughts and actions of monks, such as vegetarianism, Buddhist recitation, forbidden sex, sex, etc. The reason he left Shaolin Temple, entered the world to experience life. For him, human cultivation consists in cultivating the mind, the mind is friendly, should not force the body into the framework when the heart is still mundane. It was this “non-action”, letting everything happen naturally that created the opportunity for him to meet La Dong Tan, who was transmitted Taoism. He also contributed to the spread of the Lao Tzu sect throughout China. Today, Buddhism and Taoism are two opposing religions with two different methods of retreat that many people seek. Buddhism uses food to run, and to recite Buddha’s name to calm the mind. Taoism takes the natural, cultivates in the mind to cultivate the body and nurture the nature.

Wudang – an indispensable face in martial arts
In addition to the balance of martial arts and ideology with Shaolin above, Wudang also plays an important role in the Gypsy and Chinese history. Going through the timelines in Kim Dung’s martial arts novels, there is always a glimpse of the Wudang sect (formerly known as Toan Chan Religion).
The leaders of Toan Chan and Wudang were all great masters who “screamed fire” in the martial arts of the Central Highlands. If Vuong Trung Duong is the most influential and most influential Central Spirit of the Five great masters of Hoa Son Luan Kiem, leading the heroic hero against Kim, the successors Truong Tam Phong, Vo Dang, or Truong Vo Ky all have a profound influence. in martial arts, contemporary society.


It is a fact that the Ming dynasty worshiped the Wudang sect a lot, because in addition to high-powered martial arts and elegant thoughts, the people of the Wudang sect also had a long life and a pioneering style. During this time, the people of the king and the people used to fight to find out the secret of Truong Chan Nhan’s longevity. It can be said that no matter where he appears, at any time, Wudang also indirectly causes great chaos in the world.


According to the information NPH GOSU revealed, the world Unparalleled Pride 2 will “have the opportunity” to riot before the appearance of this sect, in the upcoming big version. Wudang is promised to uphold the truest things from internal Gong, Tai Chi swordsmanship to the thought of non-vigilance and emancipation. In addition, the gamer community hopes that with the life of Tho, Vo Dang will be the quintessence of the Nga My buff sect because of its long-armed style, stun effect, and high control.


Family members expect that the appearance of Wudang will break the peaceful situation of the Seven Great Sects. Great rebellion heroic, prove your bravery in times of turmoil at the Unparalleled Arrogant Sword 2.

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