Bewildered by the costume cosplay photos of female gamers VLTK Mobile

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For true game enthusiasts, the time spent playing games, being attached to brothers, friends, people with the same passion and hobby are extremely wonderful and memorable memories of the game. youth. And it is because of that endless passion that our gamers always want to keep those beautiful moments forever in their own ways.

And perhaps this is also the reason why female gamers of Martial Arts Mobile below decided to make a set of photos in the ancient style of cosplay of the Nga My sect “banh beo” as a souvenir. Especially, this is not her favorite sect or the character she is playing. It seems to be a special improvisation that the female gamer created for herself.


The owner of this set of photos is Le Fank, who is currently living and working in Hanoi. The female gamer has been with this game for more than 1 year so far, so she has experienced a lot of memories with it, happy and sad, and especially the game has brought her many people. New friends, close sisters could not be more wonderful.


Le Fank also shared that her favorite sect is the Five Poisons and is currently playing the Kunlun sect. Cosplay seems to be one of the passions of this female gamer when on her personal facebook page, you often share pictures. historical cosplay other by himself. She is also the one who makes up for female gamer Moc Thu Van to perform the magical costume “Lonely Han Giang” cosplay that was known to the VLTK Mobike community not long ago.

Other historical cosplay photos taken by Le Fank

Let’s take a look at other images in the Nga Mi cosplay costume series of female gamer Le Fank below!

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