Fans scream because Harry Potter game sucks blood, sells “owls” for more than 300K

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‘s new pet mode Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Allow witches and wizards to have multiple pets in the dormitory, choose one to accompany them all day. Pets are not only for decoration but can also increase the energy of the owner when awakened. However, owning an animal is not easy, gamers are forced to be patient or spend a lot of money.


There are 4 types of pets brought into the school, including Mouse, Toad, Cat, Owl – exactly like in the original series. The difference is that the game has 4 empty positions to raise animals, so each character can own many children at the same time. The price of each pet type is 160 Gem in turn –

160 Gem – 215 Gem – 320 Gem. In which an owl is the highest priced pet – 320 Gem. A gamer who plays almost a “school year” will only earn 135 gems. There is still no way to claim 1 pet for free.


Thus, to own an owl like Harry Potter, gamers have to wait a few years to complete their studies, or forcefully spend their money. By calculation, the cheapest way to buy owls is to buy 1 pack of 275 Gems for £9.99, plus two packs of 25 Gems for £0.99. Thus, an owl costs 11.99 pounds, about 360 thousand dong. This price makes players understand why Ron accepts to “inherit” a mouse, while many people warn against letting their children see this game.

In addition to petting, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery keep updating with more additional content, including Care of Magical Creatures class.​

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