Free download super cute Minecraft block style Pokemon version

PKMtt1 - Emergenceingame

Recently the next child of the family Pokemon named Pokemon Quest After being released on the Switch platform, it has officially been available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, and the good news for players is that this game is completely free.


Unlike the previous brothers, the game is no longer an RPG game or catch pokemon, but participating in the game you will be role-playing Pokemon whose mission is to travel on an island and hunt for treasure. hiding somewhere. In the process of exploring you will collect items to support battle or upgrade Pokemon characters, in addition to countless other fun activities such as camping to attract extremely pokemon. exciting.


Pokemon Quest is a game that is expected by players after Nintendo released two previous versions, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Evee, this version is considered cute by players thanks to the square box character design style. like the cult Minecraft game, besides the eye-catching colors and quite simple gameplay.

Now download this super cute game and experience it together.

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