The reason Orcs always outnumber Humans in World of WarCraft

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After a long wait, finally World of warcraft Version 8.0 was released on August 14. This can be considered a special game for Blizzard as well as gamers, 3 storylines have been released, it can be said that it is the beginning of an attractive 8.0 version. So in a completely new version with a completely new and fierce model of PVP, will the number of tribes and alliances change?

As we all know, since World of Warcraft was released, Horde players have always been much higher than Alliance, “population” imbalance has become more and more severe, before the disparity ratio. between the two sides is already 7:3. Why is there such a difference?


First of all, the graphic style of the Horde, with a unique graphic like this, of course will “win the hearts” of everyone, plus the appearance of Risal of Warcraft, which shows that “people” number” on the Horde became more numerous.

Next, in terms of culture, Alliance emphasizes Cavaliers, Paladin, Griffin Knights culture more, but these cultures are more Western-oriented, that’s why attracting players like us is a difficult thing.


There is also an important point, that is, the Horde also released the Blood Elves, the appearance of Blood Elves has directly strengthened the Horde’s position in the hearts of players.

Finally, it is undeniable that the influence of the people around you, if your friends around in the Horde will definitely pull you over, it can be said that this is the biggest cause of the confusion. imbalance in “population” between these two regions.


In the new version, the players in the League are really too few, under such a situation of disparity in the number of players, does the game publisher have a way to fix it?​

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