These are the ways developers humiliate the dirty players in the game

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Hack / Cheat is an extremely headache problem in the game. On the one hand it takes away the joy of true gamers, on the other hand it makes the game itself slowly die. In the past we have met countless quality games that had to go to the top because Hack/Cheat could not be controlled in the player community.


But not so that the developers do not have effective measures against the part that wants to play dirty in the game, and the most effective way is to permanently lock the account. However, some developers are even more creative in punishing Hackers / Cheaters, hitting the humiliation of the incompetent to the point of entertainment alone. Let’s take a look at the ways to punish this monster right here.

Guild of Wars 2

Some time ago, the MMORPG Guild of Wars 2 appeared a gamer with extraordinary abilities, that is, teleportation and consecutive PK of hundreds of gamers. With the account name DarkSide, this player with the power of superman easily weighs an entire Party into a terrible place in the Guild of Wars. Even if someone is very, very lucky and catches DarkSide, he will still appear 10 seconds later no matter where you stand on the map.


So how does the developer deal with this shameless person? Delete the account? No, that’s too simple. Chris Cleary – head of the game’s security department, decided to take control of DarkSide’s character, strip him of his clothes, put him on the highest position on the map, and wave goodbye. .. and jump straight to the ground from a height of tens of meters. All this process was recorded and observed by the majority of the Guild Wars 2 community, to whoever is behind DarkSide must feel extremely humiliated.

GTA Online

Duke O’Death is one of the most aggressive and powerful cars that gamers can own in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V. However, some players have found a way to bring this car in. Online mode, losing fairness in GTA 5. Rockstar When he discovered the incident, he had a very creative way of handling it. Instead of deleting Duke O’Death or preventing gamers from bringing it into the game, Rockstar decided to install an underground mechanism in the car. There every time you step into Duke O’Death, the car will automatically explode, killing the character and destroying the car forever. Obviously with Rockstar, you must die to drive the “Earl of Death”.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Different from the humorous solutions above, this is indeed a very scientific and sophisticated system in CS: GO. Called Overwatch, this system allows the community itself to decide whether a suspect is using a hack or not. At each match, if an individual is “reported” too much or has suspicious behavior, Valve will send the recorded video to “Investigator” – selected “investigators” from the gaming community. These people with the right stats in their accounts will determine if the suspects are using Hack/Cheat tools or ruining the game. Judgment will then be sent to Valve and depending on the severity, punishment will be given. With Overwatch, CS:GO directly uses gamers to fight Hack/Cheat, giving players the right to purge the game community.

Sudden Attack

Although Korea has just passed a law to directly punish those who create and use Hack / Cheat tools, before that country’s law has been directly involved in punishing bad players in the game. In 2015, Nexon discovered three people between the ages of 17 and 18 were using and distributing the Hack/Cheat tool in the FPS Online Sudden Attack title. The amount they earned was up to 8 million yen, or about 78,000 US dollars.


Immediately these three people were arrested by the Korean police and charged with obstructing illegal business. This event marked the first time in history that someone was arrested for foul play in the game, paving the way for more drastic measures later. In addition, these three young people are also famous as stars when they are humiliated in both domestic and foreign media.


Respawn Entertainment must be very happy because Titanfall 2 has just received countless awards and accolades from experts, but before that the company had a lot of headaches about the problem of Hack / Cheat. However, being a veteran of Call of Duty, Respawn has more than enough experience to solve this problem.


When Titanfall launched in 2014 as a multiplayer-focused FPS, a bunch of dirty players immediately appeared in the game. Instead of punishing by locking the account, Respawn decided to lump it all into one match. There every time these guys log into Titanfall, they will find themselves facing a whole Team of other Hack/Cheat. The feeling of being isolated and having to taste the very thing you are using to attack others, must be like a true form of mental torture.. After all, buffaloes and horses only go with buffaloes and horses. Okay.

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