“Falling in the front line” with the size of the PUBG field in Korea

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds It’s the hottest game right now and its competitiveness allows one to imagine tournaments eSports future super. However, it is also because of the gameplay characteristics of Battle Royale that the tournament performance PUBG is very difficult.

First we have to take into account that each PUBG game has up to 100 players. These 100 people, depending on the Solo, Duo or Squad format, will have to separate the playing area to avoid kicking or eavesdropping. Multiplying in large numbers, the infrastructures are qualified to meet a PUBG tournament Such quality is almost nonexistent.


However, to prepare for the tournament PUBG Invitational Asia (PUBG Asian Invitational), Korea has had for itself a monumental stadium that must be said to be the best in the world today. Located in Busan, South Korea, this stadium is designed with a unique style to help teams compete in a completely separate space. Instead of spreading it horizontally, BTC decided to place the PC system vertically with two specialized floors. Right in the center will be a large screen that allows gamers to watch the game in the best possible way.

This is truly a arena that has never been seen before and hopefully in the future PUBG will have more of these amazing venues for major tournaments. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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