Battle Royale Fortnite officially appeared on Google Play

Fortnite trên Google Play

The survival shooter game Fortnite for Android has finally launched on the Google Play app store. As of this moment, Fortnite for Android has been out for 18 months, but gamers using Android devices will have to install Fortnite via APK files or an unofficial source that can damage the device.

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Fortnite on Google Play
Fortnite on Google Play

Previously, the publisher Epic Games was said to not want to pay 30% of profits through the money earned from shopping on the app for Google. Therefore, the two sides have not reached an agreement during the past 18 months, which has been detrimental for both sides as well as for gamers who love this game.

Link to download Fortnite game for Android on Google Play:

The move brought Fortnite for Android lGoogle Play has shown Epic Games’ ambition to bring this golden egg to life. In Vietnam, the number of Fortnite gamers is not as large as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, but Fortnite is the most popular Battle Royale game in 2019 with a series of awards from professionals and gamers around the world.

Game Fortnite
Game Fortnite

Game Fortnite for Android With gameplay quite similar to PUBG Mobile, but you can see Fortnite far ahead in terms of graphics and sound. Pictures in Fortnite for Android are extremely vivid and bring a completely different level. Quickly access the Google Play app store to download Fortnite for Android from the official source and experience this great survival shooter.

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