EverWing gaming tips for beginners

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Surely in recent days, you have continuously received messages inviting you to play EverWing from your friends, right? EverWing is an airplane shooting game that is causing fever in the community at the moment, because the gameplay is quite simple, without installation, you can play right on Facebook Messenger.

If you have just entered EverWing, you do not know where to start, you can refer to how to play EverWing as well as the basic tips below to compete with friends:

Tips to conquer EverWing for beginners

Understand the effects of supplements

EverWing has a rich and diverse add-on system, to know which type to prioritize, to ignore which to quickly win against friends, you need to carefully understand the effects of these types of add-ons:

  • Red flower: Increases damage by 50%.
  • Purple flowers: Able to destroy all enemies on impact, considered the most useful add-on in the game, so try to eat whenever possible.
  • 4-leaf grass: Plus 1 level (increased by 5 damage), effective until the end of the game.
  • Purple Diamond: Add 10 gold coins.
  • Red Diamond: Add 20 gold coins.
  • Blue Diamond: Add 40 gold coins.
  • Mushroom: Adds 1 more ammo flow.
  • Magnet: Smoking items near me.
  • Lightning: Adds 1 stamina to assist in defeating Boss.

auxiliary items

Unlock characters as soon as possible

Try to unlock the characters as soon as they reach Level, when level 6, remember to unlock Lily too. Because this girl has the ability to double the amount of gold received after each flight. This will quickly enough gold needed to upgrade weapons, characters or buy dragons.

Girl Lily

Level up your character

When leveling up the character also means greater damage, stronger. Each level will add 5 damage, the same for all characters. When enough damage is done, pay attention to the monsters in armor that are floating in the battle. Successfully destroying them will bring you diamonds and trophy.

Choice of dragons to bring

Each Dragon in EverWing possesses its own skills and powers, some increase the amount of item drops, some increase the duration of the item’s duration, others increase the damage. Depending on your purpose to bring in the battle, choose the type of Dragon that is right for you.


Dragon Upgrade

Dragons in EverWing are divided according to the rarity from Common to Legendary. You can evolve to strengthen them, just have 2 dragons the same and max level can evolve. When training Dragon, try to use the girl Fiona because it has double experience points for the Dragons to fly with.

Join Raid Boss

Try to invite a few more friends to take down the Boss easier. But you also need to note that it takes a certain amount of damage to get the desired number of Treasures. Therefore, if your character is not strong enough, do not join the Raid Boss in a group that is too crowded, because the Boss may die before you reach enough salary.

Hopefully the above article will help you quickly conquer the game EverWing causing fever in this community, to show off your score with your friends.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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