Tips to make a lot of gold and diamonds in the game My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela 14 - Emergenceingame

The cat that mimics is becoming more and more popular and popular. Have you downloaded My Talking Angela and adopted this extremely cute cat?

You will probably see My Talking Angela keep the same gameplay as when raising uncle Tom Cat. But not quite so, in the Talking Angela cat game, you are provided with a new Sticker collection feature. Surely those who love the game always want to own a lovely cat with gorgeous costumes, houses decorated with many expensive items. So how to make a lot of gold and diamonds in the game Talking Angela? would like to reveal some tips to help you quickly fill Angela’s pocket money and buy many desired items.

First of all, you need to make sure download My Talking Angela to your phone or playing the latest version to fully use the game’s features.

Download My Talking Angela for Android

Download game My Talking Angela for iOS

Download game My Talking Angela for Windows Phone

To earn more gold in the game, you can do one or more of the following at the same time.

1. Play mini game

Playing mini games is the best way to earn gold. You can make quite a lot of money after 10-15 minutes of playing the game. There are 4 types of games that mentioned in the tutorial to play My Talking Angela. You can refer to the details here.

In 4 mini games, shooting and happy connect are considered two easy money-making games and more. You both play entertaining games and earn a lot of gold at the same time. This task is not too difficult, is it?

2. Take advantage of the Free Coin item in the Coin store.

Visit the store (the cart icon), touch the Coin icon. You are directed to a screen where you can buy more gold coins through the diamond exchange (diamonds are bought with money), so they are quite expensive. So, take advantage of the Free Coin option below the screen.

Tips to earn more gold in My Talking AngelaTips for making a lot of gold in My Talking angela

Receive push notifications: receive 150 gold, subscribe to OutFit7 channel on YouTube: receive 60 gold, complete any task: receive 50 gold, play game: receive 20 gold.

3. Open network while playing

For the first time playing a game of the day, you can stay online while playing. Although there are advertisements, it may bring you luck. Sometimes a diamond will appear on the floor. Touch them to collect. Or you can watch the promotional video to get 1 free diamond.

4. Use Sticker to unlock items at no cost.

To access the Sticker collection. Touch the book icon at the playground of My Talking Angela cat.

My talking angela on the phone

Here, you can see your sticker set consists of 20 pages. Each time you level up will receive 1 Sticker pack of 5 cards. You need to drag these Stickers into the collection. Each card has its own number, you need to collect enough cards required to unlock.

Tips for making a lot of gold in My Talking angelaMy Talking Angela

Open the Sticker pack received each time you level up. Move the Sticker cards into place

For example to unlock the cat eye makeup box, collect enough Stickers 51, 52 and 53. But it is not always possible to open the Sticker you want so you can use the following ways to earn Add Sticker.

a / Buy Sticker package with real money

On the screen in your Sticker set. Select the icon as shown below to buy more Sticker set.

My Talking Angela

You can buy 1 pack (25 diamonds), 3 packs (65 diamonds) and 10 packs (200 diamonds) with real money.

b / Selling the same sticker

You can sell or exchange the duplicate Sticker by clicking on the icon as shown below.

My Talking Angela My Talking Angela

Connect to the social network Facebook to see who is playing cat games and need cards like you. You can click on the icon of their photo on each Sticker and choose:

  • Give a Sticker to a friend (click give to friend)
  • Or sell it for gold coins (click Sell now). Each Sticker has a different price.

tips to earn more gold in My Talking AngelaMy Talking Angela

c / Buy Sticker from friends

Click on the icon below to access the function of buying Sticker.

My Talking Angela cat game

To be able to exchange Sticker you need to log into the social network Facebook. Here, you can buy Sticker from friends for a certain price.

My Talking AngelaMy Talking Angela

5. Thrift shopping

Only buy products capable of multiplying exp (See Tips to level up quickly in My Talking Angela). Do not waste money on food, you need to calculate to buy enough amount of food for the cat 100% full.

Above are some tips to help you earn a lot of gold as well as diamonds in the game My Talking Angela.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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