Instructions to reserve Blade & Soul 2 Korean servers

After a long wait, the extremely successful open-world role-playing game of the publisher NCSoftBlade & Soul (BnS) has released the second part. However, currently the game is only for pre-registration in Korean servers. The following article will guide you how to pre-order BnS 2 at server Korea to be able to experience this attractive game fastest.

Instructions to reserve Blade & Soul 2 Korean servers

Blade and Soul part 2 will be a cross-platform support game. That means it has a gameplay system suitable for phones, PCs and consoles as well. Players can also pre-order the game for each system separately.

Preorder Blade and Soul 2 on phone

First you visit the page: In the main interface of the website, please do exactly the following steps:

  • Click to select the operating system of the phone being used is Android (Google Play) or iOS (Apple Store).
  • Type your phone number (Korea area code) in the box. Since the game will launch on a Korean server first, you need to own a Korean phone number to register.
  • Next is the terms of use as well as updated game information. You tick the first line right below the phone box to agree to all the terms.
  • Finally, click the red button right below the terms to proceed with the registration.

After registering, if the system displays the message as shown below, it means you have successfully registered with the phone number above. When the game launches, you can use this phone number to join the game early.

In addition, you can also sign up for early game downloads directly via Google Play and the App Store with the 2 buttons below. However, the rewards for the game experience will not be as much as directly registered above.

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Preorder Blade and Soul 2 on PC

To reserve BnS 2 for PC is also very simple. You also go to the website ?, then scroll to the bottom and select the purple button on the right as shown below to download Purple (the emulator of NCSoft).

After the download and installation is complete, you go to the emulator by your PlayNC account will have priority to experience the game soon. Refer to the article: Instructions to register a PlayNC Korean account if you do not have a PlayNC account.

Wish you all success!

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