12 interesting places in Minecraft you may not know

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The world in Minecraft is extremely large, built completely randomly with all kinds of terrain from forests, swamps, mountains to deserts. More interesting than all are made from monotonous squares, the more you play, the more attractive the player.

The miracle is that in Minecraft there are not any worlds created the same, if you want to add more structure to your next journey, you can refer to 12 ideal places below. But pay attention to run on the correct Minecraft version of it to take effect:

12 interesting places you may not know in Minecraft

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Life in the clouds – Minecraft 1.1

Life on the clouds (Code 8061648139126237361) is a rather interesting place in Minecraft, allowing you to float and float on beautiful dreamy cloud islands. If you are a fan of dreams, this is the perfect choice.

Life in the clouds

The land of many mines – Minecraft 1.1

The land with many mines (code 105899026) will take you to the ravine, join the journey to find resources. Here you do not care about the villagers or anything, but just focus on loot, looking for the forgotten ship.

The land has many mines

Zombie Spoopy Village – Minecraft 1.1

Zombie Spoopy Village (code -1956807938) will take you into the world of The Walking Dead, then move on your own to survive. This seed creates Zombie in many places, even a Zombie village.

Zombie Spoopy Village

Mountain stacked mountain – Minecraft 1.10.2

Mountain mountain (Code – 8649882919108446796) is an interesting place as well as other places, do not wonder why the village is so high and the farmers can still cultivate. Or where did that little tent come from on the right side of the mountain? All will have answers when you experience this place.

Mountain pile of mountains

Small islands and ocean monuments – Minecraft 1.11

The small island and the ocean memorial (Code 1525413704) are located to the right of the village, hidden under the water. If you love exploring the deep sea, fighting Elder Guardian then this will be the ideal place for you. Each of the islands here is very useful, with many precious items that only take a short time to swim between the islands.

Luxury Villas – Minecraft 1.11

The lavish mansion (Code 113560767) is both beautiful and contains a lot of resources. Surely no one can deny such a beautiful villa, right?

Luxury villa

Huge coastal village – Minecraft 1.11

You really like the feeling of living in a seaside village, so this giant sea langfv en (Code -43121277) is ideal! Villages like this were made up of many small groups. However, if you ever meet such villages and most of the villagers laugh, it is Mod. Because not many villagers were born here.

Huge coastal village

Sunken Temple – Minecraft 1.12

The sunken temple (Code – 854994388) is the perfect spot for you to search for loads of emeralds, gold, golden apples, saddle and horse armor, ensuring your steed has a strong appearance. out of this place.

The temple was engulfed

The village is flooded with rich resources – Minecraft 1.12

The village flooded rich with raw ships (Code 66830) – Listening to the name alone is enough to find it attractive, this is a village rich in wood and wheat for you to freely collect. In addition, it is also the place where the legendary tree contains 7 minerals, 3 steel bars, 2 gold bars, steel hats, armor, a steel pickaxe and 3 valuable diamonds.

The village is flooded with resources

Floating islands and sinks – Minecraft 1.8

Floating islands and sunken pools (Code frt7g5) are also ideal places, you will see a vast grassy land suspended in the air and a very deep ravine. But this place contains a lot of special treasures, so do not hesitate to explore.

Floating islands and sinks

Lava on a desert oasis – Minecraft 1.8

The lava on a desert oasis (Code 1168863261) is a vast desert landscape, a very high mountain, a dense forest of shoes, an inexplicable camping site, a village, a Desert Temple… All combined together to create an unprecedented dreamlike landscape.

Lava on a desert oasis

Frozen Plain – Minecraft 1.8.3

The frozen plain (Code 4837753214958088255) is nothing but the poor amount of creatures and the giant pillar of ice. However, this very seed creates a beautiful, extremely majestic scene, where you can glide through forests of ice blossoms, walk on a path where one side is the ocean, the other is the icy region.

Frozen plain

Hopefully the above article will help you quickly find the ideal place for you, to explore the vast and vast world in Minecraft!

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