The Killer phase of the gamer makes the father of PUBG admire

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With a large number of gamers, indeed PUBG There is no shortage of “Epic” situations every day. From the 1 to 4 phase, holding the scabies gun to clean the whole Server to sniping with unbelievable distances… PUBG gamers always make people admire with their top-notch skills. However, the most memorable moments of the game are the situations that happen completely randomly and without any prior preparation.


One of such situations has just been the father of PUBG is Brendan Greene shared on a personal Twitter account, causing viewers to “drop their jaws” because of its coolness and playfulness. The story begins in the infamous gymnasium in Pecado – which is considered a Pochinki of Miramar Map. For PUBG gamers, this area is a true death battlefield when possessing a huge number of weapons and a terrorist number of players. So when you decide to jump down here, you have to find weapons quickly and make use of whatever you have in hand.


That is also what the gamer with the nickname “Benz07” did when he had a grenade in his hand. Discovering that someone was on the 2nd floor with an S12K shotgun, Benz07 decided to pull the grenade pin and throw it down the stairs to his position to stop the opponent’s feet. However, on the opposite side, his enemy “Kolby549” still rushed up with a gun in hand, probably not knowing that as soon as he went up the stairs the grenade was right behind him. But from that moment, the unthinkable happened.


Yes, there was a grenade with explosive power that pushed Kolby549 straight towards Benz07. Kicking the wind like a Neo in The Matrix, Kolby with a Shotgun in his hand lunged at the enemy’s head at insane speed and blew Benz’s head off with a shotgun right in the face. You can see that the Benz07 himself has to utter a sentence of admiration… As Brendan Green himself said, “Even I can’t be angry..”.

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