Ark: Extinction – Survival game bringing giant monsters to Earth

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For PC/Console gamers, Ark: Survival Evolved can be considered as title survival game most popular at the moment. With a setting strongly inspired by Jurassic Park and dinosaur species walking on the ground, Ark: Survival Evolved soon made a strong impression on players and brought back countless great successes. Thanks to that influence, this game continues to offer a Mobile version, allowing mobile gamers to discover a whole new survival experience.


Now continuing that momentum, Ark: Survival Evolved has a brand new expansion version called Ark: Extinction, bringing the player back to his homeland Earth. However, the blue planet that we know is no longer what it used to be because now everywhere there are footprints of the giant Titan race. far beyond even the most powerful dinosaurs.


Ark: Extinction game trailer.

In the face of a new threat, all Ark gamers will have to join hands to fight this terrorist creature to save the Earth. Ark: Extinction also takes gamers to explore a variety of environments, from tropical jungles to snowy mountains.. all of which will allow the community to freely explore.


Ark: Extinction is slated to release this November on PC. It is not clear if the Mobile version will have this expansion or not. All information about Ark: Extinction will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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