After all, Thanos is the only main character of Avengers 3

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Blockbuster Avengers 3: Infinity War It is expected to officially launch on April 27 this year. Despite the gathering of the largest number of characters ever and the appearance of cult superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor… However, according to the official’s disclosure. the actors in the film crew, the main character who plays the most important role in this blockbuster is the villain – Thanos.​


Recently, in an interview with Screen Rantwhen asked about the plot in the movie Avengers 3 Coming up, Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) have revealed a bit of information for the fans. Anthony Mackie said: “The most interesting thing about this film is that, based on the basic plot, there is no one who is completely the main character, this is a movie that is really gathering. However, if it is certain must choose a main character in Avengers 3, then it must be the “evil” Thanos. Everyone can see that all the characters in the movie revolve around him, because he is the strongest villain this time and can also be considered “the worst of the bad guys”..

Winter Soldier and Falcon

“So Thanos in the movie doesn’t just appear in a couple of scenes in the movie and then fight for one scene and it’s over. His character has to go through the whole process of the movie. The actors in the movie. Avengers 3 Just like a “big choir”, there must be interaction between each character..

“As for the character Falcon, maybe someone who always supports Captain America, always follows him on every journey, I love this feeling. When I first met the Avengers members, I had the thought that , when the Avengers need me, just call me and I’ll come.”


And when talking about his character Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan feels: “The current state of Winter Soldier is a lot more stable, at least stronger than before. I’m still “exploiting” this character, you can’t just turn around to be able to do it. treat everything that happened before (old grudges) as if it never happened. Take it slow.”


Marvel There has also been a case of creating a slightly underpowered villain in a movie that received condemnation from fans (except for Loki because he’s not exactly a villain anymore). So it seems in Avengers 3: Infinity War, MCU learned from experience and created an “extremely powerful” Thanos, causing our superheroes to have a hard time, being punished for “landing in the field”. But it is also this that makes the plot of the film more dramatic and attractive, worthy of the most anticipated blockbuster in the first half of 2018.


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