The Batman Who Laughs – The man who forced Superman to… eat his wife

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Like the Dark Knight versions of the Barbatos army of demons, The Batman Who Laughs has a unique origin from Earth -22. But far from those lowly people.. version Batman This really crossed the line and became one of the coldest, sickest and most disgusting people in the DC world.

The story of The Batman Who Laughs begins with the scene of Gotham engulfed in flames.. and somewhere in that city. Joker is trying to explain to Batman, who is now tied and drugged, that he has prepared a very unexpected gift for him. After many years of cornering each other by countless evil schemes, Joker finally realizes that the time for the relationship between the two to “evolve” has come. But because each of them has a strong connection to Gotham, the clown decides that the city must die so that the two can become something much more important.


The Joker understands Batman will never cross the line of killing, but he knows it’s only when he forces him to give up his rules.. that he gets what he wants. But Joker has no intention of physically hurting Batman.. What he really wants is to break Bruce Wayne’s soul deep inside the Batman mask. Although the story doesn’t say why the clown was able to know Batman’s true identity, at that moment he used Bruce Wayne’s past to let him relive the very night his parents died over and over again. other. There dozens of families are pushed by the Joker into a set-up: A father and mother must stand at the barrel of a gun while their only child is poisoned by the Joker’s laughing gas. To complete the play, Joker shot two people straight in the head while their children had to watch.. the purpose for the children to feel the “best part” of Joker and Batman.


Witnessing that sick ritual take place, the remaining humanity inside Batman is completely erased. With madness swirling in his chest, he broke his chains and charged straight at the Joker. His arms tightened around Joker’s neck while the clown managed to let out his last laugh.. reflecting the irony of their relationship. Joker will never stop and Batman will never be able to kill the clown. But perhaps this time things were too much for Batman to bear and he soon proved the Joker completely wrong. With one neat move, Batman broke the neck of the enemy that had been stalking him for so many years.

But as the toxic gas gradually poured out of the Joker’s mouth, Batman stood there clutching the body of a lifeless corpse and continued to scream “Stop! Stop!!!”. That scene was like stabbing a knife into the reader’s heart because it was so brutal.. so crazy.. so disgusting, so it was all part of the Joker’s plan for so long.

In the days following Joker’s death, the fire that nearly engulfed Gotham is extinguished and the poisoned children are gathered into a medical facility.. leaving Batman the question of what to do with them in the future. future. Discussing with Superman about how to handle the situation, Batman is adamant that he will never do anything again with anyone from now on. He will still continue on the predetermined path.. and as a friend, Superman fully believes in that. The first mission is still to save the children from the Joker gas, and Batman himself is not sure that their lives can return to the way they were. However, Superman insists that it is possible and he will oversee their treatment, especially after a child nearly bit the doctor’s throat. But for a split second, Batman suddenly burst out laughing when he heard that but soon apologized to Superman for his inappropriate response.


From here in the heart Batman knows that he himself is infected with the Joker’s poison gas.. and he decides to prepare for the worst that can happen. Every day he summons the members of the Bat Family to train and help them reach their highest potential. Batgirl soon sees Batman’s intentions when she realizes that the training robot has been pushed up several times. When pressured by family members, Batman finally had to tell them about his brain diagnosis. There, Batman says that the Joker gas is systematically “reprogramming” his brain, gradually removing his ability to control himself and exhibiting Joker-like personalities. One day when he is officially engulfed in this disease, he will become a threat that no one can foresee and even no one can prevent.

Although shocked to hear the news from Batman, family members Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and even Red Hood did not believe it to be true. In their hearts they still harbor hope that Batman can overcome everything.. just like he has been in danger many times before. But with a face full of disappointment and boredom, Batman turned to respond to his “children”. Batman says he fully understands what each of them is prepared for, but he just doesn’t want them… to spoil the joke that was set up.

With a wide grin, Batman pulled out two semi-automatic guns and killed each of his small “family” one by one.


All fell into the night and time flew by exactly a week later. Now wearing a green shirt, Batman has succeeded in killing most of them Justice League. Yes, almost.. in just 7 days. Now there is only one person standing in front of the Dark Knight’s bloodlust.. is none other than Superman. During their final conversation at the Watchtower, Batman admits he’s enjoying the freedom of a serial killer. No longer bound by family and loved ones, Bruce Wayne is now able to pursue his darkest inner desire… to turn the entire world into a playground of death. Perhaps it is also because the ground is no longer safe that Superman’s wife and children are also present at Justice League headquarters. Standing in front of the madman, Superman tries to protect Lois Lane and Jon Kent from their old friend’s crazy smile. But no.. Batman didn’t need to touch these innocent creatures.. because he immediately threw a piece of black Krytonite into Lois’ palm. As soon as they saw that dark mineral, Superman and his son went crazy, rushing straight into Lois Lane and tearing her to pieces. The sounds coming from the background suggested that the Man of Steel and his son were feeling more hungry than necessary.


And that’s it, we have for ourselves The Batman Who Laughs – who kills the world.. who turns Superman into a cannibal monster, who feeds Joker-tainted children like hungry dogs. Directly release the chains.. Who is now invading our world.​

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