Islands of Nyne – Register now for the PUBG standard game with super awesome graphics

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Storm Battle Royale with the leading “flagship” being PUBG is still roaming the virtual world, as evidenced by countless titles following the release. However, few people know about it Islands of Nyne – a title FPS was revealed right after PUBG launched, but did not attract much attention from gamers. This is because the team behind the game is Define Human Studios just an indie development team with no terrorist funding for advertising like Fortnite or Rules of Survival.


This is indeed an injustice to Islands of Nyne because the game possesses a gameplay system and graphics no less than the super products out there. It is not even an exaggeration to say that Islands of Nyne is the Battle Royale game with the best image quality today.

Now, after a long time of operating in silence, Islands of Nyne is facing a huge opportunity to attract more gamers. Specifically, the game is about to step onto the Steam platform as Early Access, allowing the Battle Royale enthusiasts community to more easily access this game. At the same time, you can also register for the Alpha version of Islands of Nyne on the official website: You just need to fill in your Email and follow the required authentication steps to be on the waiting list to test this super product.


As said Islands of Nyne will be about to step onto Steam as Early Access and gamers on this platform can access it on July 12. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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