The graphic effects “pain in the eyes” must be turned off immediately to lighten the device

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It won’t say anything if you have a super terrible rig for a few tens of millions of dong and are ready to turn on the graphics to “max setting” when playing games. No, we are not talking about those cases, because the vast majority of gamers out there are still wondering what effects should be turned off, which effects should be turned on to make the game both smooth and beautiful.


But the problem is that while many effects play an extremely important role in breathing life into the game, others are like “flowers and branches” to add. These effects have almost no effect on enhancing image quality, allowing gamers to turn off or reduce to the lowest level to save computer performance.

However, the question here is what effects fall into the category of “useless” like that? What effects should we let and keep? Readers, let’s find out with Emergenceingame.Com right here:


Shadows or “shadows” are effects that allow gamers to see the shadow of a character or object in the game screen. The higher the setting, the sharper and more realistic the shadows become. However, be honest with yourself, pushing Shadow up does not make the overall image quality improve much. Shadow, on the other hand, is one of the most resource-hungry effects in PC games, so this will be something you need to turn off/reduce if your computer shows signs of slowing down.


Motion Blur

Motion Blur or roughly translated as “motion blur”, which is an effect seen a lot in racing games. It helps to simulate the surrounding scenery that is blurred due to the fast movement of players or vehicles. However, in action or shooting games, this effect is listed as the most useless. Not only does it make many people dizzy, but in action games it also makes the image lack of clarity, affecting the overall experience. Therefore, you should turn off Motion Blur as soon as possible.


Depth of Field

Yet another yes-or-no effect, which hinders more than enhances image quality. Functionally, Depth of Field mimics the effect of a camera in focus, where the background is blurred while the subject becomes clearer. Its goal is to create a movie-like experience but is practically useless in games. In some games, the Depth of Field toggle is almost indistinguishable to the human eye, while in some action-oriented products, blurring the background further obstructs the view.


Dynamic Reflections

Dynamic Reflections has the main function of helping objects in the game reflect images onto mirror surfaces such as water, glass or metal. All in all, it creates a more immersive experience for players. However, depending on the context, this effect is only “situational” instead of being present continuously in front of the player’s eyes. On top of that, Dynamic Reflections also consumes a lot of machine resources and is often one of the causes of lag, which is also a factor affecting multiplayer or action-oriented games. For example in Overwatchif you turn off Dynamic Reflections you can improve the game’s frame rate from 30 to 50%.



For those of you who are unfamiliar, when 3D images are created on a computer, they often appear incisors at the edge of the object, which is also the reason for developers to add the Anti Aliasing function or “Remove” saw”. There are many different types of AA, such as FXAA, which applies a “softening” effect across the entire game, which helps to reduce aliasing but makes everything appear blurry; or MSAA works by adding an intermediate color between the background and the jagged edges of the object, thereby creating a smoother feel at the edges of the model.


And of course we have SSAA or Supersampling Anti-Aliasing, one of the most resource-intensive AA types. Unlike the two common types above, SSAA forces the computer to create a frame at a higher resolution and shrinks it to fit the screen size. If you are playing a game at 1600×900 resolution, SSAA will generate a frame at 1960 x 1080, thereby creating a clearer and less jagged image. SSAA is one of the most effective AA methods, but also the easiest to “destroy” your computer because in fact your machine is running at a higher resolution than usual. Therefore, if your computer only has a mid-range configuration, you should consider turning off SSAA first and switching to using MSAA or FXAA.

In the future Emergenceingame.Com will continuously have tutorials to help gamers run the game smoothly and avoid lag. So please remember to read it.

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